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A Fresh Start January 12, 2012

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Well hello there. Long time no blog, eh? It’s been 8 months. I just haven’t felt motivated much or interesting enough to blog something. 😉 Well it’s a new year, a fresh start  I suppose. And a fresh start is exactly what I got this new year. This New Year’s Eve I decided NOT to make resolutions that I probably wouldn’t keep. Instead, I decided to simply TAKE ACTION.

I have always wanted to do a cleanse, but never thought I had the willpower in me to do so. People that did hardcore detoxing were rock stars in my mind, but never once did I imagine I could do it. Not until Whole Living magazine, which I LOVE and have a subscription to, put out their January Issue. In it, they outlined a three week Whole Living Challenge and Action plan. And I decided to accept their challenge.

Week One: Cut out the 5 No-Nos for anyone wanting to detox……. Dairy, Meat, Gluten, Sugar, Caffein. Focus on nothing but vegetables and fruit. Drink a ton of water. Start juicing every day in the morning to give your body and digestive system a break.

So I resolved myself, bought a juicer (which I LOOOOOOOVE) and dove right in. I have to say I’m very proud of myself, considering that I started this adventure the same week I also started my period. Which, for all those reading, I now DO NOT recommend. I have to admit I had a few days of hell….. blinding headaches, skin eruptions, fatigue, and body aches like I’d ran a marathon. These are all symptoms of a detoxing system, I’ve been told, however were magnified by the fact that I was also on my period. Not a good combo. However, I got through it though and came out on the other side!! 😀

I am now on week 2. The blessed week where I get to integrate lean proteins and legumes back into my diet. God bless lean protein and legumes! I’m amazed at how great I feel now, now that I have pushed through the toughest faze. This whole experience has really been beneficial for me mentally as it has been physically. It’s shown me what I am capable of accomplishing health wise. That I actually DO have willpower. That I can live without coffee and sugar and gluten. I am hoping that I can carry some of these habits that I have formed these past few weeks into the rest of the year!

Another adventure I decided to embark upon was I entered a Biggest Loser/Healthier You contest that one of my friends put together! Everyone chips in $25 to play, so far the winner takes home $1000! Now granted, the chances of me actually winning are slim. However it has been helpful to add a little competition into the mix. Plus you get points for daily drinking 8 glasses of water, food journaling, exercising 30 minutes or more, and eating 5 servings of vegetables! So far I’ve been gathering points daily for all four things this week. Healthy habits, here I come!!!

The end result? I’ve lost 6 pounds. I feel great. I feel healthier, more motivated, and have a more positive frame of mind about myself. What more could you want. So I raise my glass of carrot, beet, and apple juice to you all and say, “Here’s to 2012!!!”


The Handmade Movement April 8, 2011

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I love anything handmade. Etsy happens to be a favorite online haunt of mine. I can spend hours browsing. So how thrilled was I when I found out about THIS site, “The Handmade Movement”!

They organized the participation of “Sneak Attacks”.

What is a Sneak Attack?It’s a way to support independant artisans who are trying to sell their wares online. Two days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced on this site. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop! To the upper right is the current Sneak Attack schedule. To participate, show up on this site at or soon after the time of the next attack and you’ll see the chosen shop name in the box above. Then go to that shop and purchase an item, making sure to include the words “Sneak Attack” in the “message to seller”. It’s also fun to tune into the current thread on Etsy to talk about it with other “attackers”.

What a brilliantly supportive idea! I plan on participating, how about you?? ;D

Another one of my new found favorites……. Pinterest. A online community for sharing what you love online. You should totally join!! It’s fun!

Something I’ve noticed about Pinterest though, don’t pin anything you might be thinking about purchasing yourself! Since it’s a public community of sorts and others can see your pins, things are snatched up quickly. I am currently performing an experiment in this regard. My friend Baylee has an adorable Etsy shop, Bands by Bay, selling head bands and lovely hair flowers. I have pinned a few of her pieces and am now waiting to see how long it is before they sell! It would be a great avenue of advertising for an artisan shop! Don’t you think??? I’ll let you know how the experiment turns out. 😉


Simple Sunday April 3, 2011

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“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” -Proverb



The Simple Things March 31, 2011

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Like an amazing pair of shoes…..


Apparently my husband thought I should have them since I had them gently clasped to my breast at the store and was gently stroking them whilst making purring noises. And then he bought me a clutch to match. Double the ecstasy!!!

It’s also wee little mouses with their heads shmooshed up against the glass…..



OMG February 3, 2011

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Have. To. See. It.


Dear Blog, It’s me, Faith October 27, 2010

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Oh hello there, little bloggity blog. I’d almost forgotten you existed. What have I been doing, since I obviously haven’t been blogging? Sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Boring, I know. I’ve about had it with the lameness that has been my life lately. I have completely halted doing anything that I have ever loved in the past. Cooking, photography, baking, exercising, have all fallen by the wayside. Depressed much? Perhaps. Who knows. Instead of continuously bemusing the reasons all these things have halted, I have decided to kick myself in the ass. Starting with this Thursday. I have enrolled myself into a Photography class in Tacoma, something I have always wanted to do. Done and done.

So look for a bit more activity here. I can’t promise a ton, must agree to take the baby steps. But at least I’ve put my shoes back on. 😉


A Day in a City August 29, 2010

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