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Guess what? April 5, 2011

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There’s going to be a part 2!!!


Care to join me? If you didn’t get an opportunity to participate in the first one, it’s not too late! Maegan put together a workbook for those who wanted to take it again or for the first time….. get yours HERE…. it’s free. This truly was the most amazing course for jump starting creativity. Begin today…. you won’t regret it! And then join me in May!!!


A Day in a City August 29, 2010

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In Other News……. June 24, 2010

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My daily message in my inbox today, that couldn’t have come at a better time, oddly enough:

Actually, Faith, it’s easier to accept others, than to change them. It’s wiser to understand them, then to get angry. And most of the time, it’s more fun to love ’em, than to leave ’em.

Your call, The Universe


So the Creativity Boot Camp is finished. Now what am I going to do with myself? Well, I suppose I could jump on the Project 365 bandwagon. I have several lovely people in my life that have already completed an entire year! At first I thought, man, it was a challenge taking a picture every day for two weeks, do I really think I can do it for an entire year?????? Oh hell. Why not. So I began yesterday, on Daniel’s birthday. It’s as good of a day as any to begin! So if you’ll notice in the top right hand corner of my blog, you will see a tab that says “PROJECT 365”. That is where you will find the pictures, if you care to follow this next journey of mine. 🙂

I have also joined “Bench Monday” on Flickr. The mission, take a picture of you or someone else standing on a bench or anything that puts you up off the ground really. My first monday contribution, Dani and I next to our Wishing Tree…..

Speaking of the Wish Tree….. I received a text message from Dani tuesday night. She was there at the tree, and she was moved to tears. We were afraid that someone might take our wishes down, or perhaps that no one would put any wishes up. Neither one of those things happened. In fact, the response was more than she had expected! And as I sat on my sofa that night, looking through the pictures, I was moved to tears as well. It is truly magical and endearing.  I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorites of the pictures she sent me. So touching.




These are just a few of the ones she took. Dani has blogged about our tree as well and has even more delightful pictures. Stay tuned in for updates!


End of the Road June 20, 2010

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“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.”

~George Bernard Shaw


So I finally finished my Creativity Boot Camp. It was a long two weeks with many mental road blocks along the way, but I managed to finish completely and successfully! My reward? Having one of my photos posted on the last day, day thirteen! You see the creator of the course had been adding a photo from one of the participants to her posts, one per day. Imagine my surprise to find that one of MINE had been added to the final post of the blog! An honor indeed. 🙂 So here they are, the final entries of the two week extravaganza.

Day Ten: “Full Bodied”


Day Eleven: “Hush”


Day Twelve: “Smooth”


Day Thirteen: “Smile”


Boot Camp, Here I Come June 6, 2010

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“Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.” ~Theodore Dreiser


I am always thinking I need to find a challenge. Something to stir up my creativity pot. I have one person that always inspires me. Miss Dani.

You simply have to love anyone who would buy herself a fuzzy book of “Where the Wild Things Are”. 🙂 Lovely Miss Dani is very talented and creative. She takes the most amazing photographs, she would be the talent behind the camera of my wedding shots. Sometimes I envy her artistic talents. But mostly I just admire her fiercely. She inspired me to take on NABLOPOMO, where I commited to posting on my blog every day for a month. And now she has done it again. I am joining her in this course.

“This course will be an intensive two week course designed to deepen and enrich your creative spirit. You will be asked to perform outward projections of creativity as well as examine your inner creative soul.

You are asked to choose one artistic medium in which you will work in daily. It is to the benefit of this course that you stick with one particular medium.

Each day you will be provided with an inspiration point, a topic to ponder, a journaling prompt, and a theme for your day’s creative work. If you have chosen writing as your medium, you journaling exercises should not count for your day’s creative work.”

Sounds like fun! My medium I have chosen is Photography. I have this new camera and would like to use it often. That is my artistic route that I would like to improve and deepen. And of course I shall blog with the results and what I have learned. Are you with me? Anyone care to join up??

Today is the first day and today’s theme is: Ivory.





The People Watcher November 17, 2009

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“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.”

-Fydor Dostoevsky


People fascinate me. Always have. I am constantly curious about their lives and interests and homes and clothes and hobbies and lifestyles. I love taking walks at night around the neighborhood, peering into the illuminated windows, getting a small glimpse of the way people live. I find myself staring at people I meet on the street, much to the chagrin of my husband. I stare because I am taking the picture of them in completely….. what they are wearing, how they sound, what they are saying, who they might be. The possibilities are really endless and my mind runs wild with the multitude of them.

Which really is another reason I love reading blogs so much. I’m so incredibly picky though. If I don’t know them personally or aren’t riveted by what they have to say, I can’t read them. So lately I have found a few blogs that truly appeals to the nosey posey in me when it comes to people and their lives. A handful of blogs that mesh two of my favorite things together: interesting people and fabulous photography.

First we have:

The Sartorialist is a photographer that randomly shoots people on the streets of lovely places such as Milan, New York, and Paris. Also a friend of another favorite blogger, Garance Dore’. They often colaborate on projects.

Next we have:

Another blog with random shots of people from Portland, with their random senses of style and fashion.

I do believe you can tell so much from a photograph.

But recently I have found my absolute favorite. Not only does this blog have a fabulous title, but the blogger tells you a little something about the person he is photographing with a series of questions that he asks every single one.

Not only am I impressed with the level of interesting characters this Bill chooses to photograph, but I love the quality, rustic, and artistic virtue of the photography itself.

All this exposure to fabulous photography only makes me even more painfully aware of the fact that I really need to get myself a new camera. Only the one that I want is $800. So until my ship comes in, I shall have to just be satisfied with admiring everyone else’s. *sighs*


Tuesday Confessional March 17, 2009

Fashions fade, style is eternal.”-  Yves Saint Laurent 


I have a secret obsession.

I am beginning to love clothes. More than I did before. 

Not enough to follow fashion which changes ever second. Or spend lots of money.Or go into debt.

So how do I get my “fix”, you ask? 

This lady feeds my obsession. Meet Garance’.


This is her blog.



Garance lives in Paris. Which, of course, is fabulous. (We all know how much I love Paris.) She’s french. Also fabulous. She is a photographer and she often randomly takes photos of lovely women on the streets of whichever city she happens to be in at the moment (Paris, London, Barcelona, Arizona, etc). I love this! Holy buckets batman! I not only get to satiate my constant curiosity about other people’s lives and where they live and what they wear, but I also get my new found addiction taken care of. Brilliant! 

Here are a few of my recent favs.


Oh god. Love love love this.



Now I’m not one usually who goes for the skinny fit pants, that would be Britt. I have too large and round of an ass for them. But still. Love this look. Love the way she has her scarf, plan on shamelessly stealing the idea, and I covet her bag.




I would never think to put a skinny belt with a COAT, but you can be sure I took one look at this and ran to my closet searching high and low for a skinny red belt. I had to have one somewhere.



I think I’m favoring yellow lately. Love the brightness. I’m also loving mustard. Yummy.



And finally, last pic of the day. I would wear this hat. Totally. *sigh* 


Wonder what lovely and inspiring women with fabulous clothes Garance has posted today. Hmmmmm. Shall be leaving you now. Have some drooling to do. 😉