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Design on a Dime March 29, 2009

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“No matter what obstacles fill a room there’s a way to paint, glue or slipcover over them” -Edward Walker



I have been getting many books of late from the library about decorating. About spaces of women who create. One thing I have noticed of art studios of MOST women is chaos. And lots of it. Well now, I’m certainly not lacking enough chaos, that is for sure. But I decided that I wanted to make the chaos a little more pleasing to the eye. 

We have 3 bedrooms in this house. The first, obviously, is our bedroom. It’s painted a delightful shade of green. I think you may have seen the pictures. The second, Daniel’s “Man Room”.  A lovely shade of mustard graces it’s walls. The last room, is my room. My office/ art studio/ guest room. I have already posted once about the painting of this room and I am now happy to report that it is FINALLY complete. Thank the lord and pass the cupcakes. 

And here we have MY version of “Design on a Dime.” (Which a dime is pretty much what I intend on spending for most things in my house. I have become a penny pincher of the highest caliber.)


My inspiration came from this magazine, which I love. 



This particular article inspired me and prompted to me to begin the high and low search for the perfect color paint. 


The color featured here? Sherwin Williams, “Intense Teal”. Far too spendy for my tastes. Lovely all the same.


More inspiration….




The final outcome of this endeavor??

My result of the inspiration….a new room to play and create in….

The Guest Space:


The Paint: “Kingfisher Teal”, from Wal Mart. Cost: $12.99 a gallon

The bedspread: Saint Vincent DePaul. Cost: $4.99

The pillows (excluding the Eiffel Tower one that I got from Vic, of course): Saint Vincent DePaul and Value Village. Cost: $2 – 5 per pillow

The Cat: Oscar the Grouche



The Office Space:


The desk: Hand-me-downed from Colette, which was hand-me-downed to her from someone else. Cost: FREE (Hmmmmmm, notice the open drawer. According to Daniel, he can tell where I have been in the house and what I have been doing by the cabinets and drawers that were left open. Whatever.)

The Pillow: Ginger’s Consignment Store. Cost: $4



The Art Studio section:


The drapes: Originally  from Ikea, purchased second hand from Saint Vincent DePaul. Cost: $3



I am a happy little camper right now. It’s my retreat. My little corner of the world. A room where I can overcome any obstacle that may arise. Get comfortable with that color. I am sure you will be seeing much more of it in future posts. 😉


A little slice of naked heaven. March 23, 2009

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There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.  ~Sylvia Plath,The Bell Jar


I have found a magical place on this planet we call earth. 

It’s located in the Asian district of Tacoma. South Tacoma Way. Tucked in a little corner. 

It’s an Asian style bathhouse. Where women flock to relax. And mingle. And be pampered. 

And be naked. 

That’s right. You heard what I said. NAKED. Birthday suit. No clothes. Everything hangin’ out. Good God, you say? Yes. He is. 

Let me describe the experience for you. You walk up to the front door and have it opened for you by a security guard who is quiet and polite but who looks like he could kick someones ass with some appropriate jiu jitsu moves. He does not let men even look in this general direction. He smiles and shakes his finger at them. I’d be scared if I were them. 

You enter the lobby which is warm and inviting.


You pay your 30 dollars and the lady hands you your warm to the touch towel and robe and chenille hair-holder-back thingy. Then this lovely small Korean lady who is wearing nothing but a thin house robe (exactly like the one you are holding) comes and shows you where you are to put your shoes. You are given a locker key with a number on it and then whisked away to the locker room, after a brief tour of the facilities in broken english. 


It is here, in the locker room, where you de-clothe yourself. Even though it usually slightly uncomfortable for women in the United States to be naked in front of strangers, I found it quite easy and natural. I was with my straight-from-the-eastern-block friend, Nika, who proceeds to tell me they have “one of these bathhouses on every corner in the Ukraine.” Like Starbucks. She also strips down to a smile with ease and comfort-ability. Another reason I love hanging out with this girl. She’s European. This is normal for her. 

We then spend the next 2 hours going from lovely slice of heaven to the next. 

First we had the whirlpool section.


Now this is the place where the women are naked. (In the picture, you see a clothed person. Not so in real life.) The rest of the spa you have to wear your very thin robe. There are 5 different of these pools, all different temperatures. 

And then we have the mugwort. Which made me giggle. Mugwort? Reallly? Wasn’t that in a movie with wizards and flying brooms? Anyways, I digress. 

The mugwort apparently helps open up the pores and detoxify the body. It is especially beneficial to women. You stand next to this trough and pour the warm lovely tea-like liquid all over your body.



Then we have the heat rooms. Those were my favorite I think. 


You lay there in silence. On warmth. Cocooned in warmth. Heavenly warmth.

When you have satiated yourself enough with all these luxuries and have had your fill, you can take a shower and get ready to face the real world once more. We entered the spa that day stressed, crabby, and tense. We left relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed, and smelling 10 times better than when we entered. (They have delightful smelling lotions galore for you to slather up with after you shower. Yum.)

Lordy, just talking about this place makes me yearn for another visit. I shall have to assess my funds and see if I can’t go again this week. I sense a habit soon to form.

Interested in experiencing this for yourself? Check out the website!



Tuesday Confessional March 17, 2009

Fashions fade, style is eternal.”-  Yves Saint Laurent 


I have a secret obsession.

I am beginning to love clothes. More than I did before. 

Not enough to follow fashion which changes ever second. Or spend lots of money.Or go into debt.

So how do I get my “fix”, you ask? 

This lady feeds my obsession. Meet Garance’.


This is her blog.



Garance lives in Paris. Which, of course, is fabulous. (We all know how much I love Paris.) She’s french. Also fabulous. She is a photographer and she often randomly takes photos of lovely women on the streets of whichever city she happens to be in at the moment (Paris, London, Barcelona, Arizona, etc). I love this! Holy buckets batman! I not only get to satiate my constant curiosity about other people’s lives and where they live and what they wear, but I also get my new found addiction taken care of. Brilliant! 

Here are a few of my recent favs.


Oh god. Love love love this.



Now I’m not one usually who goes for the skinny fit pants, that would be Britt. I have too large and round of an ass for them. But still. Love this look. Love the way she has her scarf, plan on shamelessly stealing the idea, and I covet her bag.




I would never think to put a skinny belt with a COAT, but you can be sure I took one look at this and ran to my closet searching high and low for a skinny red belt. I had to have one somewhere.



I think I’m favoring yellow lately. Love the brightness. I’m also loving mustard. Yummy.



And finally, last pic of the day. I would wear this hat. Totally. *sigh* 


Wonder what lovely and inspiring women with fabulous clothes Garance has posted today. Hmmmmm. Shall be leaving you now. Have some drooling to do. 😉


Balls. March 16, 2009

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Today was one of THOSE days. 

I awake to the sound of Daniel’s alarm on his phone. What time is it? I don’t care. It’s sunday. Don’t have to get out of bed. Turn over, hunker down further into the down comforter that is my heaven. 

Sounds around me……. snoring dog, whining dog. Daniel in shower. Other than that, silence. 

Go to the restroom. Sitting there, I notice the window has a slight white tint to it, as if it was white outside. I’m ignoring what the possibility could be. On the sleepy stumble back to bed, I glance over to the crack in the curtains. White on the bush outside my window. Fluffy, cold white. “Balls.”, i think to myself, “Daniel is going to be pissed.” That was an understatement. 

Sound of D swearing once he sees the snow. Stomping around. Keys clang and the front door opens and closes. He’s going out to start the car to warm it up. Door opens once again. More swearing, this time louder than the last. He has just tried to start the car. The ignition won’t turn all the way. Just enough to turn on the radio. Not helpful for us at this point. Radio no good without an engine sound behind it and a running car to drive down the road. Balls. 

The sound of D calling his work and explaining the nature of the situation. Daniel  now swearing because his phone won’t work. Now he’s stomping back into the room to ask to borrow mine. Cuss cuss, swear swear. More going and coming in and out, trying to start the damn car. Still nothing. “Babe. I think the universe is trying to tell you it doesn’t want you to go to work today. Maybe you should listen.” Finally, after the 4th time of trying, he did. Listen. Stayed home. 

The rest of the day that I had planned relaxing things for, was filled with more frustration. Not knowing what the hell was wrong with said car. Not being able to move car out of driveway so that one could use the other vehicles it was parked in front of. Lovely neighbor helping. Nothing working Taking apart dashboards and running to the store for key making. Etc. etc. etc. 


Double balls.

Hopefully we are done. With these kinds of days. Done for the week at least. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Happy Unsickiness March 10, 2009

Okay, so it was more than just a few days before I would write again. But here am I finally. The weekend was filled with sickness for me. But Sunday was a day I began feeling better. And did I ever take advantage of it.


Of course it had to begin with a proper cup of tea, as all good days do. (Flowers provided from the Market on friday from gracious Rich, the BF ((Read, Birth Father)). He wanted to  buy me something. Flowers it was.)



The tea, from a grocers in Anacortes from when I was on a visit with Vic. They have the most amazing tea and spice selection. The vintage teapot, purchased years ago from a thrift store. The vintage diner mug, same story. It’s these little details that give me happy mornings.



But of course, then there is the next step to the morning. Sitting down on the sofa with my favorite cozy quilt that Daniel’s mum made for him ( I love love love that quilt, cindy!), hot cuppa in hand, reading whatever blog I fancy, Facebooking, what-have-you. 



Faithful companion by my side. Please note perma-boo lip. I love that boo lip of hers.



We have a new temporary member of the family. Meet Charlie II, or as we affectionally call him, Fatty McGee. He’s staying with us for a few months until his Mommy, Nika, finds a home to buy.



After tea and puppy snuggles, it was time to make the most of finally feeling better and not like I was going to die. This would be my back bedroom that I am turning into a office/ guest room/ art studio. That would be me, painting it.



So what do you think of the color? I am not usually a blue person, but I really enjoy it!



So there you have a sunday with Faith. I shall post more pictures when it’s all said and done. I expect you to ooo and ahhh and clap in glee. Okay, maybe you can just give me your opinion. 😉 That would work also.


What Fridays are Good For March 7, 2009

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”  ~Charles Dickens



Yesterday was one of those amazing spring days I have been longing for this past month. What are those kinds of days good for? Well I’ll share how I spent mine.


It was a great day to enjoy life poking it’s head from beneath the dead. 



It was a beautiful day to be waiting down at the ferry dock for the boat to come sweep you away.



Is that it in the distance?



It was a lovely day to buy flowers at the Market….



It was a lovely day to meet with relatives newly known. This is me having dinner with my birth father. See a family resemblance? I regret to say the reason I look so icky is because I also have the flu. I know. Wretched was to spend such a lovely afternoon. I should have stayed home. But I couldn’t. I think you understand.



Pray tell, how did you spend YOUR spring day?



Where have you been, young lady??? March 1, 2009

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Yes, I know. I’ve been absent this whole month practically. Why, you ask? Who knows. Lack of inspiration…. perhaps. Lack of motivation …….maybe. I believe it could have been a bit of a funk really. Whatever it was, I’m happy to say it’s over. For the most part. I’m back. With lots of nonsense and drivel and money saving tips and quips….. all for your enjoyment. Or amusement. Or whatever it is reading this blog may bring to you. 


But it’ll have to start tomorrow. I’m currently recovering from a headache that seems to want to hang on and plague me these past few days. But don’t worry. I promise to have something brilliantly witty and informational. Tomorrow. 😉 

Or maybe the next day.