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May-May’s Monday Money-saving Minute October 27, 2008

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“Books to the ceiling,

books to the sky,

my pile of books is a mile high.

How I love them! How I need them!

I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.” -Arnold Lobel



I love books. I love the feel of the covers underneath my fingertips and the feel of the pages as I flip through them. I love the smell of books. And yes, I am one who judges a book by it’s cover. Unfortunately not always do the covers tell the correct story. Anyways. I have books that I can read over and over and over again. Like this book:

Read it 5 times already, I have. And then there’s this one:

Read it twice actually. These are a few of the books that shall always and forever grace the shelves of my library. But then there are the other books. The ones where the covers, both front and back, misguided me. Books that I didn’t really care for. Rubish, some of them in fact. What does one do with such books?? Give them to Goodwill, I suppose. That seems charitable enough.


In the vain of saving money for myself however, I came up with the most brilliant solution! (If I do say so myself.) I concluded that there MUST be an online place where you could SWAP such books. Get rid of books you no longer wish to have cluttering up your bookshelves for books that are cluttering up someone else’s bookshelves. What’s that old saying? What is one man’s rubish is another chap’s treasure! And so I am thrilled to present you with my recent discovery.


Post books you no longer want and for every book you send out, you can choose another from a list of books from others. All you pay for is the shipping, which let’s face it, is probably no more than a few bucks. Brilliant. I usually like to get my books used anyways. I frequent places like www.half.com or my local used book seller. Which methods I will still obviously use of course. But yet this kills two birds with one stone. Get rid of the books I don’t want. Get the books I do want. *happy sigh*

Another website of similar nature is this one:



However, if you are one who doesn’t really care for dealing with the Post Office, you could choose to use this site:


You pay $4.49 and they provide the shipping! No heading off to the Post Office. They even have their own theme song that was written for them by who, I assume, is a rather happy customer. *giggle* I’m not joking. They really do have a theme song. Listen to it here. Scroll down to the section that’s entitled “secret sauce.” 

Anyways, there you have it! Which one am I going to use? I don’t know yet. I have been perusing the websites and comparing them against one another. Haven’t quite decided yet, but you’ll be sure to know when I have! All I know is I’ve given up on making the Barnes and Noble owners any more richer than they already are.

In the meantime, read on, my friends, read on! 



Feet Friday October 25, 2008

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So I know that I’ll be technically posting this on Saturday… and I also know that I’ve already posted once today, but I DON’T care! I wanna be a part of the party. So here’s my contribution to “Feet Friday”. 



So that would be the feet end of the story and this would be the cute front half of the story.



Summer is But a Memory October 24, 2008

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Remember that trip I took with the family back in August, before the wedding we catered? Looking back on my pictures, I suddenly realized I didn’t post any of the trip for your enjoyment! Silly ol’ me. Now is it TOO late to post pictures you took back in August? *pausing to count months on fingers* Well balls. Who cares? Here they are…. the moments in time with Daniel and his family at Lake Cavanaugh. I know a few of you lovely folks out there will like these. *wink* You know who you are.


First day we were there was dark and gloomy, but Bonnie still decided that she should teach Lucy how to swim. And Lucy decided that she should teach Liam.


Just throw it already, PaPa!!


While Liam and the pup pups amuse themselves outside, Faithy snuggles up with the new little man on the block.


“Oh god, these kisses. Not sure how much more of THIS I can handle. Who IS this woman, anyways?? Oh, I think I just messed my nappy again.”


That guy I love.


That guy I love with that little guy he loves.


Whether he likes it or not, My family has now become Dennis’ family!


Cindy at her finest *chuckle and a snort*…..priceless!




We sit pretty for a price! Hand over the biscuits.



“I am here to invade your planet. Give me all your money. And your cookies.”


The new cover model for Dogs Gone Wild.


“Oh m’gosh. That smell is SO not me, I swear.”


“Will it EVER stop raining, do you think??”


One big happy family! And yet another fabulous year at Lake Cavanaugh! Thanks guys!


Long Time No Blog October 22, 2008

Where the hell have I been?? I know. I haven’t been a very faithful blogger lately. I’ve been feeling, well, Blech. You know that feeling? That blech feeling? You don’t know quite what’s wrong with you, but you just don’t feel motivated to do much of anything. Hmmmmm…. maybe it’s just laziness. That could be. Well anyways. I’m back. Never fear. Now as to what I was up to those many weeks, well I have been doing something useful on occasion. 


Remember that really big zucchini I grew?

I was able to make 5 loaves of zucchini bread…..

and 1 batch of Minestroni soup. Wow. 


I’ve been sitting down each week with a HUGE cookbook….seen here with a delicious blueberry white chocolate scone, thank you very much Cindy!


I choose 3 meals to make each week, and then go grocery shopping. It helps me not overspend or purchase things that will just go to waste! So far it’s working out. I got the idea from you, Jen. Thanks for that!! The recipes we like get their page number jotted down in the front. 


So far we’ve had, to mention just a few, Pasta with Tuna, Capers, and Parsley….


and MY version….

It was interesting…. and delicious. Want the recipe? HERE ya go.


And then there was Chinese Beef with Snap Peas….

also tasty and delicious!! Recipe? HERE.


Besides cooking and baking, there have been slow, quiet evenings in front of the fire.


And lazy naps on the sofa…..


We actually have “puppy piles” quite a bit here actually. Bottom picture case in point.


So now you know… I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Never fear. I’m still here. Talk to me. Stay posted!!


Brought to You by “Feet Friday” October 4, 2008

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“I just put my feet in the air and move them around.”- Fred Astaire



Now who’s feetsies are these?


They would be ours, thank you very much!


We apparently had good fun laying in various places of the house that night…. chatting away….








And finally, I leave you with yet another ode to “Feet Friday”.





The Real Truth October 2, 2008


“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.” -George Bernard Shaw



It occurred to me the other day that often times I only blog about my successes and seemingly good ideas in life…. and not my failures and not-so-good ideas. Now that’s just silly. That would lead you to believe that I live this sweet little life where everything is sunshine and cupcakes and singing birdies and beautiful gardens and roses and cooking and baking and candlestick making. If I have led you to believe any of those things, I apologize, for that is not the case. No, in fact there are many things that I have blogged about that were NOT successes at all. In fact are now the cause of frustration and more frustration. Not to mention, my house is usually a mess, there always seems to be an indisputable amount of laundry, and currently my refrigerator smells like something crawled in it and died. I suppose I have just always been one who does not like to DWELL on the bad parts, choosing instead to see the good. Well poo poo on that idea. So I shall now share with you some successes, yes, but also some of the nose dives.


First off I would like to comment on my excitment to see autumn is here at last. I do believe it’s one of my favorites. Leaves changing, temperature dropping, excuses to build a fire in the fireplace, reasons to wear a sweater, whatnot. Yes, it’s peeking it’s little head around the corner.

The leaves on the tree outside my dining room have begun to exhibit color. Yay. 


Success: One of my tomato plants has actually had a few tomatoes ripen!! Nose Dive: I had 3 rather large plants. I guess 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.




Nose Dive:


Success: My scarlet runner beans produced!! Not as well as I’d hoped, but at least I was able to harvest enough for planting seeds next year.


Nose Dive: The rest of my garden beds were NOT as I had planned. Unfortunately the colorful visions of the imagination are NOT always the reality of inexperience. 


Ah ha! But I am not deterred! Oh no, there will be another attempt next year, damn it all. I will be armed this time with lots of valuable information and useful knowledge from this book:


Remember the Kombucha I blogged about a few weeks ago?? Nose dive.

I haven’t separated the mushrooms in a while (they grow new babies on top of one another). The more mushrooms, also called scobies, you have the quicker the brew time. This tea was done in probably 5 days, I let it go 8. Needless to say, it was yucky. Ah ha! But I am not deterred! Oh no, not I. Today I have separated said scobies, packed a few to ship to my dear friend Victorea, and am readying the jar to re-brew. I am going through Kombucha withdrawals, damn it all. Anyways. 


I have also learned many things from the plants that I have killed this summer. (Poor Little Creatures.) I had all these hopes and aspirations of having these lovely colorful pots to greet friends when they approached my front porch. They died, all of them. I would promptly run out and purchase equally colorful and lovely ones to replace them. They died as well, all of them. Thus, I realized finally that my front porch gets too hot. And I’m too scatterbrained to water enough. My solution? Buy plants that can handle the heat and don’t need much water. Brilliant. The result? 



And then there’s the chickens. Daniel built the chicken coop and I tried to make it all cozy inside, in the hopes of encouraging them to lay lots of pretty little eggs. This is what I gave them….

Granted, not so pretty, I know. But I thought it would be cozy enough for them. 

Here is where they insist on laying……

Outside, underneath the ramp of the chicken coup. Gah. *chuckles* Of course, stubborn git that I am, I shall have to try other solutions to coax them to lay inside. More on that later. 

*sighs* It’s raining now, and I’ve just made myself a pot of tea. So I shall sit here now, in my blue house-robe, and read a bit….. trying NOT to think about the things I should be doing instead.(Like cleaning out the fridge.)  Glorious.