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I Think I’m In Love February 18, 2010

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I think you may know by now of my love of my Moleskine planner.

I love the softness and simplicity of its black cover.

I love the feel and color of its inner pages.

I love its ability to take my jumbled life and assist me to make sense of it all.

I love every detail, down to the ribbon marker and the black strap on the outside that keeps it closed.

The Moleskine started out as a plain notebook, and from there it has evolved into all sorts of wonderful things. There are City Books and Planners and Art Books. They are always coming up with another brilliant idea. I love going onto their website and reading about how other people use their Moleskines.

They have gone and done it again. They have produced something else for me to fall in love with! The Moleskine Passions Book Journal.

A place to record all the books you read, along with thoughts and favorite quotes. Ahhhhh! How fabulous is that! Its various features tickles me pink.

Unfortunately, they are not available yet. But you can bet your buttons I have requested an email when they are!


Its here! Its here! February 17, 2010

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Every day I have been out to the mailbox with the greatest anticipation, awaiting the arrival of my Valentine Swapparoo. Yesterday, my impatience was rewarded!! There, cozy as cozy could be, sat a package.

My Valentine from the lovely swaplette, Elizabeth. I promptly ripped it open and then proceeded to smile profusely in glee, for there, tucked in the wrapping, was the sweetest felt heart with goodies bursting out of the top!

YAY! Seeds for my little garden!

And then included was this little delight.

The loveliest book filled to the brim with pictures and artwork, all dedicated to one of my favorite places in the world. I do believe Elizabeth has been reading my blog! 🙂 Oh heavens, what a fabulous little treat this has all been! Thank you, Elizabeth, from the bottom of my ishy squishy heart, for your thoughtful Valentine!! I adore it all so very much. 🙂

Thanks, also, to Amanda at First Milk, for putting together this Valentine Swappity Swap. So much fun!!


Anticipation February 10, 2010

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I am ever so eagerly awaiting my Valentines Day Package to arrive in the mail. My swappity swap buddy, Elizabeth, who received my name in the swap has informed me that is in route as we speak. Eeeeeeeeeee! How I love receiving goodies in the mail! Holy cow, I can’t wait.

Curious about what I sent MY swappity swapper, Alexson? Well, I would have posted pictures, but I was so oober excited to send the package off, that I completely forgot to take pictures. Silly me. So you will just have to go to her blog to find out for yourselves. 😉 And that would mean, clicking HERE.


The Golly Girls Throw a Baby Shower February 9, 2010

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So Miss Rose Golly, or Miss Britt as we also know her by, was convinced by someone that she should throw a baby shower/tea party last Saturday. Being the best sister and best friend that I always try to be, I, May-May Golly, offered some assistance. I think it turned out relatively well.

There were lots of goodies. Which included savory madeleines, cucumber sandwiches, mini cakes, handmade chocolate eclairs, and regular madeleines.

The spread:

The table, awaiting the guests.

The pretty teacups, all lined up in a row, a combined collection from both of our stashes.

All the lovely ladies are here. Tea time!

The lady of the hour and her big ol’ belly:

A simple fact: there is nothing better than a lovely cup of Earl Grey and a plate of tasty pastries.

Best part of the whole day? Getting to hang out with this beautiful gal pal.


I’m So Excited….. February 1, 2010

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…..to be a part of this years “Valentine’s Day Swappity Swap Swap”, brought about by Amanda from First Milk.

(Photo: First Milk)

The details are simple: Each Valentine’s Day box should contain three items: a valentine, a small gift, and a little something (something little, lovely–a red pencil, a box of sweets). Presents and little somethings can be bought or crafted, but valentine cards themselves should be hand-made.

So this is my little project for myself this week. I have been paired up with Alexson, who lives in Iowa. After browsing her blog, I already know what little goodies I shall be sending along her way. Now I just have to hand make a Valentine for her! What fun! I already know I plan on participating again next year. Thank you, Amanda dear, for coming up with such a brilliant idea!