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Lake Cavanaugh 2010 August 27, 2010

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“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.  It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. “

~Henry David Thoreau


Every year my inlaws rent a house on the lake for the family to enjoy. And enjoy it we did!

The house:

The water:

The joy of doing nothing:






The lovely people that made it all possible:


This year was the year of the munchkins:






Apparently this is me, most of the time:


The Gang’s all here:

Lake Cavanaugh, how we love you!


Tales from a Tuesday July 29, 2010

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“It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson


A walk through Banner Forest has become a favorite past time of ours…..













Banner Forest is 10 miles of networked trails. It is extremely easy and usually likely that you will get lost at some point. Unless you have an awesome dog with you, like Miss Lucy Lui. Without fail, she will find her way back to the car, usually taking us back the way we came through the maze. However this particular Tuesday, she took us back an entirely different way than we had come, which had us worried for a minute.  And yet somehow, we ended up back at the car, safe and sound. *sighs* Good dog.


The Planets Hate Kitty As Well July 1, 2010

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I was woken up by Daniel Tuesday morning at 6:30. “You need to get up and take a look at this”, he said grimly. I went into the living room to see my kitty, Gus, on his back, licking a hole in his gut that was roughly 4-5 inches around. A hole! Gaping. Ugly. You could see fat blobs and muscle. How he got this hole, we have no idea. Emergency surgery was needed and apparently the wound went through his abdominal wall, poor mouw mouw. The crazy thing about this whole story is, that we would have never even known he had a gaping hole in his belly if Daniel hadn’t seen him licking it! He was walking around for probably three days like that, according to the vet… mewing normally, purring, being his cute self. No abnormal behaviour whatsoever. Crazy cat that he is. The vet said she had never seen a hole so large on a cat before, let alone a cat that calm. While she was in there, she got rid of a bunch of fat as well. Kitty lypo! Next thing, he’ll be wanting a nose job.

So now we have a cone head for a kitty.

His frankenstine like incision. …….

“Hey, what’s the deal here? I can’t reach nothin’!!”

Oh Gus Gus, how we love you. We must. You just cost us 900 big ones.


Tuff Stuff June 26, 2010

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I love this pup pup.


Our Wounded Soldier November 19, 2009

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This picture just does not do poor Charlie and his battle wounds justice. There we were, Daniel and I, having a lovely chat, when all of a sudden he says “Charlie is bleeding!!”. Sure enough, Boo Bear was sitting there, calm as ever, blood gushing from several rather large puncture wounds on his face. What he got into a scuffle with, we will probably never know. Something with really sharp fangs is my guess.

Unfortunately, amidst the frantic first aid attempts from his puppy parents, he also managed to get a rather heinous haircut. Had to get all that hair out of the wounds, you know. He looks a bit like a Zombie puppy, all scarred and battered and chopped to bits.

Oh the joys of living in an animal kingdom. There’s always excitement.


Confetti and Champange January 1, 2009

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“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”  ~Bill Vaughan


This would be our second New Years’ Eve party in a row. Last year’s theme: 1940’s. This year’s theme: 1980’s.

Last year’s attendance: Roughly 20 or so. This years: a whopping 8. Everyone bailed on us. Whatever. More chocolate and cheesecake for me!

Last year’s party featured jello molds. This year, we rocked a chocolate fountain!!! Yeah, baby!



It was quite the spread, really, thanks to our friends, Nika and Joe.




This would be me and Nika. And yes, she got the memo about the 80’s theme. 

Conversation between Mitch and Nika, prior to the party.

Mitch: “So what are you wearing to Faith’s party?”

Nika: “Oh! I got these new Micheal Kors boots! I’m planning on wearing them!”

Mitch, very loudly in his very loud voice that he has, with much inflection: “Micheal Kors is NOT from the 80’s!!!!!”

Nika, also very loudly, with matched inflection: “Micheal Kors is timeless!!!!” 

I had to chuckle.


According to Miss Cindy, we are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”! Maybe, if I had been able to find those hooker boots like hers. Of course, I could have just borrowed Nikas. *laugh*




Glamour girls.



So Nika used to be a model in the Ukraine. She was teaching me her model pose.



And then I was teaching her mine.



Which apparently, was comical.



The gangsta.



Apparently, I REALLY enjoyed the chocolate fountain. Please note the leftovers in the corner of my mouth. Classsssy.



I have 4 words for you: Jem and the Holograms.



Yes, it was my favorite cartoon. That’s the look I was going for. I even tried to make the gloves, but unfortunately the sewing machine wasn’t working. Damn.



Oh, those silly kids.



Yes, indeed. It was an evening to remember.



Oh, and by the way, HAPPY NEW YEARS to you and yours!!!!


Crumbled Wrapping Paper December 28, 2008

“The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another.”




Presenting: Christmas at the Jandts


The role of Santa is being played by Mr. Dennis Jandt. And a merry one was he! Especially after we gave him his new brandy glasses and a cognac to go in them. 😉



And here we have the Mrs. Santa Jandt, played by Miss Cindy, modeling her new scarf made with loving care by yours truly. Soooooo attractive. (If I do say so myself.)



The Bobbsey Twins, Faith and Jen,  in their new handmade (thank you very much, Cindy!) aprons and matching rubber gloves…. ready to take on the world, one cupcake at a time!



Pause for a touching moment being father and son. (Cue dramatic, emotion charged music.)



Apparently Santa thought even the puppies had been good this year.



He must have had selective eyesight and witnessed only the sweet moments and thankfully ignored the running-around-the-living-room-with-mommy’s-wrapping-ribbon-in-our-wet-slobbery-mouths moments. Thank god for small favors, right Charlie?



“Who are you supposed to be again?”



He was supposed to be the guy cooperating with this whole picture taking montage.



He won’t be getting the Oscar this Christmas, that’s for sure, unless there’s a category for Best Crazy Blue-eyed Wacko Job available. (We’ll speak to the committee and get back to you.)



Never mind him, David. More camera time for us.



The true star of this show, however, was Liam Micheal Butcher. The cowboy. picture-124picture-83


“I was five and he was six

we rode on horses made of sticks

he wore black and I wore white

he would always win the fight, bang bang

he shot me down, bang bang

I hit the ground, bang bang

that awful sound, bang bang

my baby shot me down.”


These boots were made for walking. (Yes, we love Nancy Sinatra.)



And of course, no cowboy would be complete without a lunch box advertising their illustrious status. Obviously.




Our Christmas feast. The Jandt family Christmas feast tradition? Fondue. Delicious, scrumptious, easy peasy fondue. 



After last years Christmas, I promptly ran out and bought the first retro, all original, olive green fondue pot, circa 1970, that I could find for 5 bucks at the Goodwill. And this year, I got the chance to break that baby in! Ah yeah. Love it. Love love love looooooooove it.



All this present opening, cowboy rangling, fondue eating, history making, holiday celebrating makes an old gal pooped out. I know how you feel, Bonners. Wasn’t it a lovely day, though??