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Dear Blog, It’s me, Faith October 27, 2010

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Oh hello there, little bloggity blog. I’d almost forgotten you existed. What have I been doing, since I obviously haven’t been blogging? Sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Boring, I know. I’ve about had it with the lameness that has been my life lately. I have completely halted doing anything that I have ever loved in the past. Cooking, photography, baking, exercising, have all fallen by the wayside. Depressed much? Perhaps. Who knows. Instead of continuously bemusing the reasons all these things have halted, I have decided to kick myself in the ass. Starting with this Thursday. I have enrolled myself into a Photography class in Tacoma, something I have always wanted to do. Done and done.

So look for a bit more activity here. I can’t promise a ton, must agree to take the baby steps. But at least I’ve put my shoes back on. 😉