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It’s that time again…. April 25, 2009


“Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration.”

~Lou Erickson



This spring so far has been so frustrating, wouldn’t you agree? Until lately, that is. Now, the weather here in dear old Washington is finally deciding to cooperate with us. There has been sun and warmish weather. Thank god! 

Which brings me to the 2009 attempt at self-sufficiency with a garden. If you remember, last year was not so much. Sure, I harvested a few good things, but not the extent that I would have liked. But it’s a new year, folks! I love the new year. It means another new beginning. If I remember correctly, a square foot garden was part of my new year’s resolution. So far, I have kept true to some of the other resolutions, and therefore am encouraged when I think of my possible success rate on this venture. We shall see. Weeee shallll seeeeeee.


Things are off to a good start though.



This year I decided to save the money and make my own seedling pots out of newspaper. It’s amazing the things you can get info on through the internet.

Click on this graphic for the how-to video:



I used some color newspaper, however I think they tell you that black and white is the best. Oh well.

Then there’s the egg cartons, those always work well also.



This next weeks project: getting the beds sectioned off into 1 foot squares and planting the first of the greens! Keep tuned in for further developments!


“Hey, mama. Whatcha’ doin?”



Blah, blah, blah. April 23, 2009

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“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.”

-Sylvia Plath





Today’s posting is going to be like today’s quote…… random. 


Today I rose before 10am. Random.

Today I also enjoyed a proper cup of tea. In a proper teacup. With the proper pinky extended.



Today I sat down and played a little tune. I don’t do that much anymore but have decided that it is a shame and waste of good talent that I don’t play more often.



My new favorite blog, Design Sponge, had some random pics that I looooove. Inspiring ideas for my kitchen. I actually have those green cups.



I need a new stove. What do you think of this one? Of course, I have no clue as to where I would find such a stove. But I would love love love it. 



And last but not least in this barrage of randomness, look what I have been finding finally out in the chicken coop!




Bye Bye to the Cluck Cluck April 22, 2009

“Rooster today, feather duster tomorrow.” -Russian Proverb





Remember this guy?



Well, he no longer lives with us. No, I didn’t turn him into a feather duster. Or chicken soup. (I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think about it occasionally. Unfortunate, but true.)

No, I simply put an add on Craigslist, and a nice man from the town came and whisked him away. He now lives and reigns on 2 fenced acres. With 10 hens to now boss around. Why did we get rid of him, you ask? Well, I was tired of him trying to “protect” his girls and in the process give me another scar on my leg. The neighbors were tired of his incessant crowing and clucking and complaining. The little girls (the hens) were tired of his bossy ways and his bullying antics. I felt it was time for them to live life for themselves.  It was just time. It’s too hard having a rooster with that much personality within city limits. 

How are the girls, you ask? Well they seem to be doing just fine. They seem to love the peace and quiet. They don’t miss the fact that they had to throw their meager weight around to get to the food dish at feeding time. They don’t miss the pecking and prodding and the bossing around. Fran-fran still does her usual ugly wretched singing when she’s laying an egg for me and Greta is still her curious little self. I was so worried. Of how they would be after he was gone, that Rudy, with that strong personality of his. But they seem to be doing just fine. 🙂

Shhhhh. Listen. Hear that? Nope, neither do I! 


A Must See April 16, 2009

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Watch it.

Be inspired.

Be moved beyond words.

Stop worrying.

Be grateful for what you have and where you live.

Call your father and tell him you love him.

Smile more. 


My Home Away from Home April 12, 2009

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.”

– Christain Morganstern



This weekend I went away to my home away from home. To the home of my dear, sweet Colette. My old neighbor, who used to live in the red house on the hill next door, but now who lives in Olympia. I loved having her live right next door, and whereas I do miss that terribly, I find myself loving the fact that she lives in this other cozy town, in another cozy little house. When I go for a visit, I feel as if I’m going home. I have my own room there, a sweet little room that I love dearly. The weekend usually consists of nothing but relaxing things and outings. Such as going to the farmer’s market downtown. 


Where you can find sweet flowers galore….






And lavender aplenty…..




We purchased delicious jam which we slathered over homemade scones later that day…..




And admired the multitudes of shellfish so delectable …..picture-12



Baskets and baskets of fresh potatoes and garlic……




Tempting bakery goods…..




It’s not a good market unless it has some sort of blown glass artwork to admire…..these are the delightful holders of birdseed…..




Organic and delicious!




Honey for your tea….




And soap for your body……




But my favorite vendor of all was selling seeds….. oodles and oodles of seeds…..


See those poppies? I shall have some of those in my yard this year. ::blissful sigh::


Market lunch anyone?




Food. Food is often a focal point of conversation on these weekends. Colette and I love food. We love to cook together and we especially love to eat together. Not only are my weekends with her relaxing, but I eat very well!

Colette, in her sweet kitchen, cooking us a splendid Sunday brunch….



Almost done! The smell of cinnamon and apple makes my tummy grumble.




I marvel at how much it looks like the picture…




Our fabulous Sunday brunch consisted of German Apple Pancakes and a Omelet with Ahi Tuna, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. Pour yourself another cup of coffee and dig in!




Thank you, sweet Colette, for creating such a warm, inviting place for me to retreat to, my home away from home. My nerves were so weary when I walked in the door, but were healed and calm when I got in my car to return home. I love my weekends with you. 


Oh thank god. April 6, 2009

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Know what this means? This skirt wearing, sandle sporting, skin showing escapade of sorts? That the sun finally was showing it’s lovely sweet face!! Thank the lord and pass the cupcakes. I’m ready for it. 


Yakkety, smakkety, blah blah blah

Monotony is the law of nature. Look at the monotonous manner in which the sun rises. The monotony of necessary occupation is exhilarating and life giving.

– Mahatma Gandhi 






Here I sit again, on the sofa, wanting to blog. Thinking I should blog. Thinking it’s been a while since I have blogged. Drinking my Sleepy Time Extra tea (With Valerian!) in hopes that it will kick in and I’ll be too sleepy to blog and then I can put it off one more day. To be truthful, I just haven’t been inspired to blog. I haven’t really felt like there was much to blog about. My days lately have been reading about the same:

Sleep till about 10. Get up.

Make oatmeal. Lounge about on sofa eating oatmeal, drinking tea or coffee, checking email, etc. etc.

Get dressed.

Go to the gym.

Come home and do whatever chore doesn’t seem the lamest at the moment. 

Hang out with the sweet man.

Get ready for work.

Head to work. 

Write down the specials of the day.

Say the same thing over and over to customers, explaining the specials, about 50 times per night. 

Mouth off to the cook.

Harass the dishwasher.

Sweep and mop the lobby.

Close the restaurant.

Mouth off some more to the cook while closing the restaurant.

Head home.

Kiss the sweet man.

Make something to eat. 

Have some tea. 

Doodle around some more on the internet before Sleepytime Extra kicks in and I finally crawl into bed, usually around 1:20 in the am.

Get up and repeat.


See what I mean?!!?!?? I mean really. I have to look at that schedule and think, what the hell do I have to write about? It’s always the same. Don’t get me wrong. I love my simple little life I have going on here. It’s uncomplicated. And happy. But sometimes I feel as if I’m shall bore you with all the silly little details. I suppose the name alone of this blog tells you what you’re getting yourself into, however, when you swing by for a visit. Poppycock and sunshine? Perhaps it should read: Drivel and more drivel. It makes me feel like I should be doing more though. Something along the lines of volunteering to make a difference. Or taking an art class. Or just going back to school period.

I am planning a wedding. That’s not drivel. But even that is filled with simplicity. How the hell do you plan a wedding simply you ask? I’m Faith. I can simplify anything. 

How to plan a wedding on a tight budget, without pulling hair or killing people……


Stumble across your wedding dress at a thrift store. Mine was purchased at Value Village. It was $14.95, but I had a coupon, so I got it for $7.50. Dress? Check.



Know people who sew. Or know people who know people who sew. My future mother-in-law, Miss Cindy has this lovely group of women she calls her “YaYas”. All these women are lovely and talented (have I mentioned they’re lovely?), much like Miss Cindy herself. One of delightful YaYas, Melissa, agreed to hem the bottom of my dress for me. Alterations: Check.

Make your own invitations. I had this great idea of making my invitations with some pictures I took, whatnot. However it wasn’t going to be as affordable as I had originally thought. So I happy to find some at Michael’s, a local craft shop, for $39.90. Now Michael’s takes JoAnne’s coupons, their competition. Brilliant! A 40% off coupon later, the bill came to $26. Not bad for my invitation cost. Not bad at all. You just print, stuff, and mail. Invitations: check, check.




Get married somewhere free. Parks are nice. We are getting married at this one.


Chetzemoka park, in Port Townsend. It sits on a bluff overlooking the water. This picture was taken in the wintertime, but I imagine it’s going to be gorgeous in August when we are getting married. There is a rather long rose arbor we could get married under. Or the gazebo. Or a few choice trees are also a delightful option, much like the one shown in the picture. And of course no wedding in the park would be complete without a gourmet picnic afterwards. Which is the plan. Hooray. Oh, and another thing… keep the wedding guest list SMALL. That also simplifies things immensely. 


Borrow a suit or kilt from someone. This would be what Daniel is doing. He is going to wear one of his father’s kilts to get married in. Which I’m really excited about. Brilliant!


Make your own bouquet. Do you even know how much flowers for a wedding cost? Oh lordy! Not for me, thank you very much. I’ve done this before. (Wink wink, nudge, nudge.) No, I plan on going early into Port Townsend the day off and hitting up the local farmer’s market, choosing what flowers strike my fancy, and wrapping some lovely and delightful ribbon around them. 


Know someone who is ordained. It’s rather convenient, don’t you think, that one of our dear friends had himself ordained already. Thanks, Joe. That’s super. Just remember, you have to say “love and obey”. Daniel’s all about the traditional vows, much to the chagrin of my independent minded women friends. ::chuckles::


Have your reception at a local bar or pub. After searching high and low for a venue to hold our celebratory party in and getting very discouraged, very discouraged indeed, we managed to stumble across this fabulous fact. At a local martini bar here in town, when you spend $500 or more, the whole bar is yours for the night. Really? So for about the price it was going to cost us for just the venue alone, we now have the venue (which is lovely), the booze, and a bartender to boot! ::sigh of relief::


Have your reception potluck style. Now I don’t mean the normal potluck style, where you tell everyone to bring a dish. No, for that would mean we probably would have a lot of Cheetos and Mac and Cheese, knowing some of Daniel’s friends. Instead, you choose 10 of your friends that you know would be willing to bring something, friends that you know can cook. You then ask them to make something for your reception. Hell, you can even tell them what to bring. Sometimes people like it as simple as possible. Lord knows at this point, you do. 


Know someone who is going to culinary school. Always beneficial when talking about cakes. I have a girl I work with that has offered herself willingly to bake, not only my wedding cake which will be small, but also my reception cake. She excited about having the opportunity to gain the experience and resume builder. I’m excited about having to only pay for the supplies. It’s a win win for both parties. Or so she keeps telling me. Whatever, I’m stoked. You should see the candied roses she’s been brining in to show me. It’s going to be beautiful, that I know. 


Have a talented friend take your picture. I have such a friend. Her name is Daniela. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I know, she’s also an amazing photographer. I have asked her to take my wedding pictures, which she readily agreed. I cannot wait to see our wedding day through the lense of her camera. (Dani also owns the shop downtown Poulsbo, Rubber Soul, which sells the most delightful array of stamps and crafting paraphernalia.) Thank you so much, Dani. I cannot even begin to tell you enough how much it means to me. 


Have a fabulous and generous hairdresser. Brooke is my hair girl. It’s not enough that she does a fabu job with my hair and that she doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. But then she had to go and inform me very firmly that she IS doing my hair for the wedding. As a gift. Well okay then. That simplifies that. 


Good lord. So apparently I had more to write about than I realized. With all this wedding stuff I could write a book actually! Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little far. Thanks for stopping by for a quick chat. And don’t worry, I plan on continuing to bore you with the daily drivel. 😉