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The Day Begins…… April 4, 2011

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…..with a healthy breakfast! Since my husband has been on a health kick lately, I have been making wheat germ pancakes for the mornings.

Some wheat germ, some whole wheat flour, and buttermilk make these so tasty and good for you as well!

Apparently wheat germ is very high in folic acid. All I know is these little babies keep me nice and full for a long time.

Want the recipe? Well of course you do!!

2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/4 cup canola or vegetable oil
2 cups buttermilk
2 tsp. Baking powder
1/2 cup wheat germ
1/2 tsp. Salt
1.5 cups whole wheat pastry flour

In a medium bowl, mix the eggs w/ oil and buttermilk. Stir in baking powder, wheat germ, salt, and flour. Mix well until blended. Batter will be thick and lumpy.

Pour a 1/4 cup of batter into a buttered pan and cook on med- high heat, flipping when done. The batter will be lumpy so do not expect perfectly formed pancakes!! It just adds to the rustic goodness of it all!

Slather on butter and jam and enjoy!!!!! 😀


Holy Balls Batman November 20, 2009

I think I may have just a wee’d myself a bit from the sheer excitement of it all. (Further proof that I must get out more.)

I stumble across so many little jewels of interest in blog land. Today would be just another one of those such days. Today I stumbled onto Our Best Bites from Posie Gets Cozy and slammed right into sheer brilliance! There they had the step by step instructions for these little bundles of joy:

Not quite sure what you are looking at? Well let me share the good news. That would be a mini pie. *blissful sigh*

So you take one of these:

Then you make a delicious pie crust:

Then you fill them with delicious pie-ish goodies:

And put some lovely pie worthy trim on the top:

And then you place them all in a grouping for you to admire avidly:

Holy crap, they even have labels that you can print up, making them ever so gift worthy! Find them here.

Funny thing is, I’ve never made a pie before, and here I am thinking of making them in mini form first. Ha! That sounds like me…. random and out in left field. Care to make them with me? Here are the complete step by step instructions. Now go forth and bake!


Super Secret Sewing November 12, 2009

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“With fingers weary and worn,
With eyelids heavy and red,
A woman sat in unwomanly rags,
Plying her needle and thread –
Stitch! stitch! stitch!”
~ Thomas Hood 1799-1845


I put the cutting of lovely quilt squares on hold for a bit today to work on a super secret sewing project. It’s a project I’ve been wanting to attempt for a while. So with Bob Marley in the background, I eagerly got to work.

Setting up for the task…..

Picture 4

Love love love the fabric I chose…..

Picture 5

“Mommy, whatcha doin’ in here??”

Picture 6

My sewing machine and I are getting to be good friends. I don’t have a manual, so its a learn as you go sort of situation.

Picture 7

My very own personal label….. a nice finishing touch!

Picture 8

No, you don’t get to see the finished product yet. Some of you may be receiving one for Christmas! 😉 Be patient, my friend. It will be worth the wait and made with love!


Quilting: The New Adventure November 3, 2009

“When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.” – Unknown



I often have way too much time on my hands. I only work part time, usually starting around 4 in the afternoon, so there is a good part of my day freed up to do other things. There have been moments lately when I have complained to Daniel (with admittedly, a lot of guilt afterwards) that I am “bored”. And there  have been days when the boredom has been almost unbearable. It’s disgusting, I’m sure, to those out there who run around like chickens with their heads off, to hear me say such absurd things. Just know that I have been one of those chickens already. This is the first time in my life I have had so much available time! What to do with myself, what to do. Sure there is knitting. One can only knit so much. Sure there is cleaning. But really now, how much cleaning can a person do before insanity certainly sets in? Which is why I don’t focus all my energy on it. Anyways! What I needed was a new project. A new hobby.

And then there was quilting. My mother in law is a quilter and was hence part of my inspiration. One of my favorite bloggers, Posie Gets Cozy‘s Alicia Paulson , is a quilter, amongst other amazingly talented things.

So I thought, why not? I can do a quilt! Sure, I can do a queen size one at that! Go big or go home is always my motto. Or is it bite off more than I can chew? I can’t remember. I suppose it just depends on the day.

So I am making a quilt. It’s a lovely quilt from Alicia Paulson’s website.

Picture 12

The Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt. Although I have to say, my fabric is not quite as berry like as the ones she picked out. But lovely all the same. 🙂

Picture 13

All the lovely lovely fabric. I never thought fondling fabric in fabric shops could be so satisfying! Isn’t it all just so lovely?

Picture 14

My new handy dandy utility tool, the rotary cuter. My sweet MIL, knowing me as she does, STRONGLY cautioned me as to the sharpness of this tool. Don’t worry Cindy: I am cutting away from myself at all times!

Picture 16

My workshop:

Picture 15

All those squares to be cut!

Picture 17

So I shall let you know how this new adventure comes to fruition. I do believe this quilting business shall be good for me. Why, you ask? Well it requires something of me that I am often in great want of. PATIENCE. (Just ask Daniel.) So not only do I get to fondle lovely fabric every day but I get a desperately needed lesson in patience.

Yeah, I’ll let you know how that goes.


My Home Away from Home April 12, 2009

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.”

– Christain Morganstern



This weekend I went away to my home away from home. To the home of my dear, sweet Colette. My old neighbor, who used to live in the red house on the hill next door, but now who lives in Olympia. I loved having her live right next door, and whereas I do miss that terribly, I find myself loving the fact that she lives in this other cozy town, in another cozy little house. When I go for a visit, I feel as if I’m going home. I have my own room there, a sweet little room that I love dearly. The weekend usually consists of nothing but relaxing things and outings. Such as going to the farmer’s market downtown. 


Where you can find sweet flowers galore….






And lavender aplenty…..




We purchased delicious jam which we slathered over homemade scones later that day…..




And admired the multitudes of shellfish so delectable …..picture-12



Baskets and baskets of fresh potatoes and garlic……




Tempting bakery goods…..




It’s not a good market unless it has some sort of blown glass artwork to admire…..these are the delightful holders of birdseed…..




Organic and delicious!




Honey for your tea….




And soap for your body……




But my favorite vendor of all was selling seeds….. oodles and oodles of seeds…..


See those poppies? I shall have some of those in my yard this year. ::blissful sigh::


Market lunch anyone?




Food. Food is often a focal point of conversation on these weekends. Colette and I love food. We love to cook together and we especially love to eat together. Not only are my weekends with her relaxing, but I eat very well!

Colette, in her sweet kitchen, cooking us a splendid Sunday brunch….



Almost done! The smell of cinnamon and apple makes my tummy grumble.




I marvel at how much it looks like the picture…




Our fabulous Sunday brunch consisted of German Apple Pancakes and a Omelet with Ahi Tuna, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. Pour yourself another cup of coffee and dig in!




Thank you, sweet Colette, for creating such a warm, inviting place for me to retreat to, my home away from home. My nerves were so weary when I walked in the door, but were healed and calm when I got in my car to return home. I love my weekends with you. 


Hey, now don’t you forget the mistletoe! December 27, 2008

“Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.”



Ah, snow. ‘Twas so lovely whilst it was here. (Even though it made going to work rather sketchy.) It looked so lovely on these holly branches. So lovely that I had to pluck them to put on my mantle. Added to my holiday decorating, the little bit that I actually did.




I did have such fun with the twinkle lights. And the holly.



Look too closely and you may see a cobweb or two. *wink*

The snow just kept coming and coming and coming. It seemed never ending for a while.



We all took the time to enjoy it while it was here.



When we weren’t frolicking in the snow, we were baking thumbprint cookies, courtesy of Posie Gets Cozy, a blog I like to frequent. They were such fun to make!





Not to mention such fun to eat!



Ah, the Holidays December 8, 2008

The aftermath of Thanksgiving: LOTS of leftovers!  When Thanksgiving gives you tons of turkey: Make Turkey Noodle Soup with HomeMade Turkey Stock!


“Mmmmmm, that turkey noodle soup sure smells goooood. Meow.”



“Yes. I think I need a taste.”



“What do’ya mean I can’t have any more?”


“Ooofda, I think I ate TOO much turkey noodle soup.”



When the holidays give you cranberries you:

Make Cranberry Bread





Seriously, people. This bread is REALLY good. It’s actually a Weight Watchers recipe and it has NO butter, not a pinch, not even a tad. But it tastes as though it has an entire stick! Yum yum yummy! Makes me want to stock my fridge with Cranberries year round. Wanna try it out for yourself?  Get the recipe HERE.. Just scroll down to the bottom and look for “Yummy Cranberry Bread”. 



What do you do after you bake yummy yummy Cranberry Bread? Snuggle up on the sofa with  few of your pals. 😉