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5 AM Snack-time & Inspired Blog Writing May 28, 2008

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This is Daniel’s mom, Cindy. I have come to know and love this spirited, talented, and lovely woman. I find the need to take a moment to thank her…. not only for raising an incredible, loving, kind, patient, and also quite spirited man that I love with every fiber of my being, but also for something else. Apparently as a small boy Daniel would lay his head in her lap and she would “rub” him, gently scratching his back and head,  as a means to relax and comfort him. How does this benefit me, you ask? Anytime I wish to calm Daniel, soothe Daniel, or thank Daniel, all I have to do is scratch his back. Or let him lay his head in my lap and rub his head. Or run my fingers up and down his arms. He becomes instant puddy in my hands. He turns into that small boy once again. It’s really quite sweet. So thank you, Cindy, for not only raising an amazing man, but also teaching him how to be nurturing, as well as how to enjoy the small things in life. Happy belated Mother’s day.


And now that my belly is full and my mind is purged, it’s back to bed I go. Night night. 


A Welcomed New Week May 26, 2008

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This was my week last week. I hobbled around like a cripple and broke out into tears at the slightest provocation. I had no will or energy to do much of anything, let alone blog. But, I now report with much relief, that I am feeling much better. The back is healing and stretching and feeling like normal once more. 


And so I welcome a new week! My lovely gal pal, Vic, is coming for her yearly visit and there is much to do in preparation. I have refused to allow her to sleep on the sofa, but instead insist that she have a proper guest bedroom to sleep in. Which means there is painting to be done and a bed to make and pictures to hang and flowers to cut and goodies to hide under pillows and knitting projects to bring out. But there also is a lawn to mow, which brings me to grave deliberation. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, the day that Danny plans to mow it. Do I take the initiative and mow it today when it is sunny and risk the ol’ back? Hmmmm. What would Daniel say? He shan’t be happy with me if I attempt to mow, I fear. I suppose it won’t hurt it to grow a few more inches. 😉


The Hunchback of Notre’ Dame May 18, 2008

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Miss the movie, did you? If you had stopped by today, I could have given you the modern day version, minus the special effects and scantily clad damsel in distress, of course. I was the Hunchback of Port Orchard today. I do this every so often and each time pisses me off as much as the last. Here I had the perfect weather, and I do mean PERFECT. Warm, but not oober hot. Sunny with partial clouds. Perfect gardening weather. I gave it a valiant effort, mind you. But the spasm I was feeling in my lower back just would not subside long enough to allow me to do any good. Damn. There was dirt to shovel and weeds to pluck and plants to plant and seeds to sow. I was not able to do any of it. Well, not completely true. I did pluck a few weeds here and there. But I knew that if I shoveled dirt, I would have the wrath of Daniel to deal with later. Apparently he doesn’t like me to do anything that might injure myself or whatever. The whole bit about how he loves and cares for me. I’m still getting used to being with a man like that. Anywho, I digress.


At least the girls were able to get out in the garden and do a little foraging. I have to tell you another cute chicken story. I know, I know. You can leave now if you want. But then you’ll miss some really cute pics. I have been unsure so far how Lucy, my Lab/Pitt mix, would react to the girls. Would she want to paw them playfully like she does other dogs? Or perhaps just eat them for dinner? The question really remained unsettled for a while and was an iffy subject. Whenever she came in contact with them in their playpen, she would drool a great amount and shake like the dickens. Sounds rather suspicious, right? Well, needless to say, I have allowed her more and more contact with them in small doses at a time and I am now happy to report that she does NOT, in fact, want to have them for supper. And although she gets REALLY excited to see them or hear them or smell them or think about them, she has not tried to hurt them at all. This past week has seen such great weather, which has afforded them more outside privileges than in the past. Sweet Lucy has been keeping silent and not so silent vigil beside their playpen the entire time. When she leaves, I dare say they start their frantic chirping that is usually reserved for when one of their sisters is missing. She returns and they are quiet once more. I put them in the garden today and where do they gather to forage but right by the fence where Lucy is on the other side. Hmmmmm. I sense a little friendship developing. Don’t believe me? A skeptic, eh? Please see pictures below.

Putting the girls to bed for the night.


 Saying hello the best way she knows how.


Yup, there it is. Lucy’s “happy face”. 


“A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied.” – Irish Proverb


A Passion Revisited May 16, 2008

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So last night I did something I haven’t been doing much of lately since I started working at the restaurant. I COOKED SOMETHING. I know, right? Before I was always cooking something here and baking something there. And I have to admit, it saddens me to think that I have let that passion become neglected, put on the back burner (yuk yuk). So yesterday being my day off afforded me the perfect opportunity to do some grocery shopping and get back into the swing of things. The menu? Empanadas. Yum yum yummy to my tum tum tummy. I have never attempted such a meal before, but the pictures looked great and there you go. It’s fairly easy, it just takes some time. The nice thing about them is, that if you don’t bake them all, you can freeze them, which is lovely for those nights when your a starvin’ marvin and don’t feel like cooking anything. 400 degrees, 30 minutes. They pair quite well with beer. After which I would deffenitely recommend Breyers Cookie Dough Ice Cream afterwards. Although I really did wish I had picked up the Cookies and Cream instead. Oh well. I digress. For the recipe click here.

I’m such a messy cook, aren’t I?


Don’t they look delicious though??? MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. I can say with confidence, THEY WERE. 🙂


The beauty of today May 15, 2008

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“When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” – Chinese Proverb


Today was my day off and it was a glorious one at that. I love this time of year at my sweet little home. I open the french doors and it seems as if my dining area and the lovely outdoors become one. My yard is bursting with color and life!










Today was a perfect day for me to drag out the hammock and hang it.


And it was the perfect day to nap………..



And finish one of those books I was telling you about………

Happiness achieved.



Tuesday Tidbits May 13, 2008

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Quote of the day:

“If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer. But if he spends his days as a speculator, shearing off those woods and making the earth bald before her time, he is deemed an industrious and enterprising citizen.”

-Henry David Thoreau

It’s Tuesday and here I sit on the tattered sofa, watching the rain outside. I had every intention of rousing myself today and working out in the garden, shoveling dirt and planting little plantses. But alas, the lovely Washington weather has spoiled my aspirations. So instead I find myself, once again, surfing the net instead. I think I may have a serious addiction that requires immediate attention. Or not. I have been reflecting on the amount of time I spend on this Mac o’ Mine with a great deal of thought. I think of the time that I spend browsing utter drivel, time that could better be spent on things like reading, knitting, cleaning, and gardening. Of course it is usually due to the fact that this is sometimes the only thing I have the ENERGY for. Whatever. Poppycock, I say! So enters now another new resolution. (The last one about not eating pasta anymore is going QUITE well, thank you very much. Am feeling less bloated and do believe I may have even dropped a pound or two. Quite proud of self really.) New resolution: Be on internet less. Use time more productively and creatively. Another thing I have bemoaned lately about myself…… the fact that I cannot seem to finish what I start. Take books, for instance. See these books? I have started all of them and have yet to finish one! I know, right? A shame to all fellow book lovers worldwide. Yes, I know. Enter resolution #2 of the week: Finish all 4, one at a time. I think I can, I think I can. 

Other things on the list of “things to finish”….. knitting projects. Painting my hallway. Planting my garden. That movie I started watching 2 days ago. This blog post.

So more news from the adventurous Rose and May-May Golly. (If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s me and Britt.) We successfully met with Colleen and her mother last week regarding the catering of her wedding.  We prepared everything on the menu that we have spent the past several weeks researching and talking and agonizing and talking and shopping and researching about. They entered her cozy little beach cabin and were greeted with a coffee table filled with sumptuous treats for the eyes and mouth. We all sat down and ate and ate and ate some more. I was very nervous, I have to admit. A cook is always nervous of whether or not her guests are going to enjoy their meal, but there was a great deal hanging in the balance. What if they hated it? What if Colleen regretted saying yes to us doing this?? Oh, the butterflies in the tummy tum tum. I am happy to report that there was a lot of yum noises being made as they sampled and tasted and lip-smacked away. They both agreed on everything that we had chosen for the event and were quite pleased with the outcome. They left. We shut the door. And then we high fived and shrieked like 6 year olds and danced around the living room like buffoons. Apparently all our professionalism that we had whilst they were there walked out the door with them when they left. 🙂 We were quite proud of ourselves, thrilled to itty bitty pieces at the prospects that could come in the future as well. Yay for the Golly Sisters.

Well I suppose I have spent more than enough time today lollygagging about on this sofa in this pretty pink bathrobe of mine. There is laundry to finish and a kitchen to clean and chicks to feed and bread to bake and a restaurant to eventually go to for work. I just need to check my email real quick. 😉


May 12, 2008

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Me and my lil’ girl……..

Greta frolics in the garden…….

The girls in their temporary “play pen”…….

Mr. Bean