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My Home Away From Home August 11, 2010

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“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.”

Christian Morganstern


This past Thursday found me heading to a place I find comfort, friendship, and solace… My home away from home. Lovely Colette’s home.

Complete with a magical garden in which to soothe one’s soul….














We gathered at this magical place to bid this little man farewell. His time with us had finally come to an end, after a long and full life. We sent Mr. Cocoa Bean back to the stars with lots of hugs and pets and love. Lots of love. And tears. Lots of tears.


4 Responses to “My Home Away From Home”

  1. Brandy Says:

    Oh, Miss Colette! What an amazing woman you’ve got there, Faithy. I envy her garden and I envy your time with her–I’m so glad you could visit! I wish it was for a happier event, however. How heart-breaking, I’m so sorry.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    what a lovely garden she has.
    how sad it always is to say goodbye to our furry friends. no fun.

  3. cindy Says:

    Boo hoo on kitty good-byes. I bet he has a lovely resting spot in that gorgeous garden.
    And those chickens look like they have some swanky digs. 🙂

  4. Victorea Says:

    Awwwwwwwww! Poor Cocoa Bean! 😥 {sniffle}

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