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A Fresh Start January 12, 2012

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Well hello there. Long time no blog, eh? It’s been 8 months. I just haven’t felt motivated much or interesting enough to blog something. 😉 Well it’s a new year, a fresh start  I suppose. And a fresh start is exactly what I got this new year. This New Year’s Eve I decided NOT to make resolutions that I probably wouldn’t keep. Instead, I decided to simply TAKE ACTION.

I have always wanted to do a cleanse, but never thought I had the willpower in me to do so. People that did hardcore detoxing were rock stars in my mind, but never once did I imagine I could do it. Not until Whole Living magazine, which I LOVE and have a subscription to, put out their January Issue. In it, they outlined a three week Whole Living Challenge and Action plan. And I decided to accept their challenge.

Week One: Cut out the 5 No-Nos for anyone wanting to detox……. Dairy, Meat, Gluten, Sugar, Caffein. Focus on nothing but vegetables and fruit. Drink a ton of water. Start juicing every day in the morning to give your body and digestive system a break.

So I resolved myself, bought a juicer (which I LOOOOOOOVE) and dove right in. I have to say I’m very proud of myself, considering that I started this adventure the same week I also started my period. Which, for all those reading, I now DO NOT recommend. I have to admit I had a few days of hell….. blinding headaches, skin eruptions, fatigue, and body aches like I’d ran a marathon. These are all symptoms of a detoxing system, I’ve been told, however were magnified by the fact that I was also on my period. Not a good combo. However, I got through it though and came out on the other side!! 😀

I am now on week 2. The blessed week where I get to integrate lean proteins and legumes back into my diet. God bless lean protein and legumes! I’m amazed at how great I feel now, now that I have pushed through the toughest faze. This whole experience has really been beneficial for me mentally as it has been physically. It’s shown me what I am capable of accomplishing health wise. That I actually DO have willpower. That I can live without coffee and sugar and gluten. I am hoping that I can carry some of these habits that I have formed these past few weeks into the rest of the year!

Another adventure I decided to embark upon was I entered a Biggest Loser/Healthier You contest that one of my friends put together! Everyone chips in $25 to play, so far the winner takes home $1000! Now granted, the chances of me actually winning are slim. However it has been helpful to add a little competition into the mix. Plus you get points for daily drinking 8 glasses of water, food journaling, exercising 30 minutes or more, and eating 5 servings of vegetables! So far I’ve been gathering points daily for all four things this week. Healthy habits, here I come!!!

The end result? I’ve lost 6 pounds. I feel great. I feel healthier, more motivated, and have a more positive frame of mind about myself. What more could you want. So I raise my glass of carrot, beet, and apple juice to you all and say, “Here’s to 2012!!!”


3 Responses to “A Fresh Start”

  1. anneelliot Says:

    Oh, sweetie, good for you! I’ve done a few different cleanses and I find I only last so long. I think you’ve gone about it the right way, though, by having mini-stages rather than trying to detox everything. I try to overhaul all at once and I end up in migraineland for weeks before I give up entirely.

    Congratulations on accomplishing healthy habits! Hope to hear more about it soon!

  2. cindy j Says:

    Way to go Miss Faith! 🙂

  3. Tink Says:

    Proud of you…can you seem me cheering you on? You have inspired me…shall have to get my cleanse ducks in order . Big hugs!!! Tink…aka Roo

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