Poppycock and Sunshine

The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

Hey, now don’t you forget the mistletoe! December 27, 2008

“Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.”



Ah, snow. ‘Twas so lovely whilst it was here. (Even though it made going to work rather sketchy.) It looked so lovely on these holly branches. So lovely that I had to pluck them to put on my mantle. Added to my holiday decorating, the little bit that I actually did.




I did have such fun with the twinkle lights. And the holly.



Look too closely and you may see a cobweb or two. *wink*

The snow just kept coming and coming and coming. It seemed never ending for a while.



We all took the time to enjoy it while it was here.



When we weren’t frolicking in the snow, we were baking thumbprint cookies, courtesy of Posie Gets Cozy, a blog I like to frequent. They were such fun to make!





Not to mention such fun to eat!