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Ah, the Holidays December 8, 2008

The aftermath of Thanksgiving: LOTS of leftovers!  When Thanksgiving gives you tons of turkey: Make Turkey Noodle Soup with HomeMade Turkey Stock!


“Mmmmmm, that turkey noodle soup sure smells goooood. Meow.”



“Yes. I think I need a taste.”



“What do’ya mean I can’t have any more?”


“Ooofda, I think I ate TOO much turkey noodle soup.”



When the holidays give you cranberries you:

Make Cranberry Bread





Seriously, people. This bread is REALLY good. It’s actually a Weight Watchers recipe and it has NO butter, not a pinch, not even a tad. But it tastes as though it has an entire stick! Yum yum yummy! Makes me want to stock my fridge with Cranberries year round. Wanna try it out for yourself?  Get the recipe HERE.. Just scroll down to the bottom and look for “Yummy Cranberry Bread”. 



What do you do after you bake yummy yummy Cranberry Bread? Snuggle up on the sofa with  few of your pals. 😉