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The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

‘je ne sais quoi’ January 15, 2009


“America is my country, but Paris is my hometown.”  – Gertrude Stein


Yes, tis’ true. I feel most at home in Paris. My second trip there, I returned a new woman. My ideals were changed, realigned, altered. I came home determined to live with more purpose. With more sensuality. Simpler. For a while, I did well. But lately, after stopping and really taking a look at myself and my habits, I find that I have returned to many of the “old” habits. A cluttered life. A rushed life. So, being that this is a the beginning of a new year, no better time like the present to re-discover my “inner French Girl”.

I have been reading this book again……



One thing I have learned from the French, less is more. They don’t impulse buy anything. If they don’t LOVE it, they don’t own it. As I evaluate my closet and collection of clothes and accessories, I realized that I have a LOT of things that I don’t really love. Things that, in actuality, I CAN live without. And really should live without. Getting rid of those things would afford me more breathing room. So today, I decided to begin. To begin the purging process. 


I mean really, LOOK at this place!! Total chaos!



How can one even see what one has in this kind of chaos?



Cleaning out one’s closet is refreshing really. Not to mention it’s like opening a treasure chest. I managed to find a few pairs of really cute shoes I had forgotten I’d even owned. A pair of earrings I haven’t even seen since Paris and thought I’d lost. And I managed to purge myself of 2 huge bags full and an entire box full. 

The end result?

I found a new use for all the multitude of plastic grocery bags I have laying around the house that I keep saying I’m going to take to recycling. Stuff your purses with them and your once limp and unruly purses stand properly to attention!


All the pretty shoes lined up ready for wear….



Know what that is? An empty drawer! Result of purging!


Now I can rid my boudoir  of this ugly thing, used to house all my scarves.



A girl can never own too many scarves. It is the perfect accessory for any outfit.




Things I LOVE and cannot live without…..

My warm green wool jacket and my bright pink scarf.



My red Danskos. Even though they are looking a little worn.



My old vintage Samsonite carry on….



Which now holds all my girly things like makeup and hair accouterments, and sits nicely on my bathroom counter.





More things I love and find I don’t want to live without……


My new Physician’s Formula eye shadow. It’s department store quality and half the price! Not to mention, a nice variety of colors that compliment my green eyes.



And last but certainly not least…….

My new magazine subscription, thanks to Mz. Cindy. I love love loooooove this mag!




Another thing every proper french girl has in her possession…… proper french cook books. I just received this one in the mail… I’m so excited to crack the pages and try a few of the recipes.


It was written by the woman who also wrote Chocolat, one of my favorite books and movies. Remember that scene in Chocolat when Vianne makes that amazing hot chocolate that looks so incredibly yummy?? I’ve always coveted that recipe. Now, I finally have it!



More to come from my little parisian corner of the world later!!