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Simple Sunday March 27, 2011

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Today was one of those days. I woke up at 3 in the afternoon after suffering a tumultuous night with a screaming soar throat and a fuzzy head. The sleeping pills did NOT work last night, needless to say. I awoke to a very full bed, completely enveloped by two cats on one side and two dogs on the other. I kicked them off and stumbled my way into the kitchen. I finally started to feel whole again only after the first sip of my handmade americano. And then came the whole wheat/wheat germ pancakes with Bonne Maman jam and two fried eggs courtesy of my own two girls. Could this day get any better, you ask? It certainly has started well, that is for certain! I then settled in on the sofa with americano number two and watched Eat, Pray, Love via Netflix streaming. Have you read that book? No? Go now, to your nearest bookstore and buy it tout de suite! It’s on my top 5 list. There’s a point in the book and the movie when she says, “I’m so tired of everyone telling me I need a man!” The man she happens to be with at the time, the man she eventually spends her life with, replies, “You don’t need a man. You need a champion!”. I love that. I love it even more when I realize that that is exactly what I’ve found in Daniel. A champion. That is what I have been really trying to focus on lately. The blessings in my life, both great and small. Finally finding my “champion”. A morning americano. A good movie. A stolen lazy day. The luxury of a good book. A trip to Portland.

The movie made me hungry for Indian food, so the day was made complete with a run to our favorite Indian restaurant in Gig Harbor, Gateway to India, for a little takeout. Sipping on some delicious chai on my way home, listening to some Ray LeMonange, I had to breath a long sigh of gratitude.


6 Responses to “Simple Sunday”

  1. Cindy J Says:

    From Portland?

  2. Yes, ma’am! Taken with my iPhone. 😀

  3. Jenn B Says:

    it is so nice when we can concentrate on whats good in our lives instead of what yuk. Glad you had a good day despite being sick. I love you and cant wait to spend some quality time with you soon!

  4. Cindy J Says:

    You are one of the blessings I count in my life. I’m so glad Daniel found YOU! Sweet post….sounds like a lovely day despite a horrible night.

  5. Brandy Says:

    Aw, sweetie, it’s so great to see a post from you. Although I keep you on my Safari thumbnails and it tells me when you update, I was just visiting your page a couple days back to see if maybe it wasn’t working. I know you’ve been an absorbed little bee, but nevertheless, I like seeing something from you.

    With Spring rolling around, I think we’re all starting to perk up and stretch our wings in readiness for activity after the long hibernation. I miss you, sweet lady, and think about you often.

  6. Tink Says:

    This post was a part of my special day…thanks for the reminder that I too have a “champion” —
    Wish you were here to make me a hand made cap~
    huge hugs! Mwah!!

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