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The Planets Must Hate Me June 28, 2010

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“I’m very brave generally”, he went on in a low voice: “Only today I happen to have a headache.” -Lewis Carroll


This was the scene from my past 4 days……

I had the worst migraine I have had in a while. And while I usually get a migraine with my period, a migraine that lasts for 4 days is unusual. And horribly wretched. I hate the feeling of uselessness that comes with having to be in bed during the day with the shades pulled tight and the sleeping mask over my eyes. I also had to work on Friday night, which was grueling to say the least.

But today is Monday….. the end to my period and I’m happy to say, my migraine as well. Apparently  there was some crazy activity with the planets aligning in a funky manner or something, and there was a lunar eclipse Saturday early morning. That figures. My body always freaks out when the planets do anything different. I would like to say I understand all that about alignment and whatnot, but I don’t. I only know I have kooky things happen when they do. Like a 4 day headache.

This was my day today, peaceful and slow…. mustn’t push anything, you know….



4 Responses to “The Planets Must Hate Me”

  1. cindy Says:

    So sorry. That sounds miserable. Glad its over.

    Do you own that book you’re reading? If so….and no one has asked to read it next….then I’d like to!!! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Oh my goodness, I have never had a migraine last that long! I think I would go crazy! I am glad it finally came to an end for you, it truly is never fun to spend the days in bed in the dark, especially now that the sun is coming out more often. Glad you got to spend today outside with a good book. 🙂

  3. Tink Says:

    Only you could make a 4 day migraine look appealing via photography….girl you are an artist!

  4. daniela Says:

    oh my, i do love this moody shot of the place of misery. i wish i could have healed you 🙂 i would, you know. xo

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