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Peel Back the Layers and Expose My Soul June 8, 2010

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“Conformity is the jailor of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

~John F. Kennedy


Day Three of Creative Boot Camp’s Theme: Multilayered.




4 Responses to “Peel Back the Layers and Expose My Soul”

  1. Vonnie Says:

    Great pics! The color in the rose is so vibrant and the perspective on the quilt squares made me take a second look to figure it out. Fun!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    love the pictures, love the project. You rock. Can’t wait to see more…

    especially liking the stack of fabric….how wonderfully fun!

  3. daniela Says:

    “they don’t call it boot camp for nothing!” still loving that….and your very beautiful photos on the theme. you. are. rocking. it.

  4. cindy Says:

    The pine cone pic is my favorite of this bunch. Love the color your camera gets. And how cute you were able to incorporate all your fabric squares into todays theme….perfect.

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