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Boot Camp, Here I Come June 6, 2010

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“Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.” ~Theodore Dreiser


I am always thinking I need to find a challenge. Something to stir up my creativity pot. I have one person that always inspires me. Miss Dani.

You simply have to love anyone who would buy herself a fuzzy book of “Where the Wild Things Are”. 🙂 Lovely Miss Dani is very talented and creative. She takes the most amazing photographs, she would be the talent behind the camera of my wedding shots. Sometimes I envy her artistic talents. But mostly I just admire her fiercely. She inspired me to take on NABLOPOMO, where I commited to posting on my blog every day for a month. And now she has done it again. I am joining her in this course.

“This course will be an intensive two week course designed to deepen and enrich your creative spirit. You will be asked to perform outward projections of creativity as well as examine your inner creative soul.

You are asked to choose one artistic medium in which you will work in daily. It is to the benefit of this course that you stick with one particular medium.

Each day you will be provided with an inspiration point, a topic to ponder, a journaling prompt, and a theme for your day’s creative work. If you have chosen writing as your medium, you journaling exercises should not count for your day’s creative work.”

Sounds like fun! My medium I have chosen is Photography. I have this new camera and would like to use it often. That is my artistic route that I would like to improve and deepen. And of course I shall blog with the results and what I have learned. Are you with me? Anyone care to join up??

Today is the first day and today’s theme is: Ivory.





4 Responses to “Boot Camp, Here I Come”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What a lovely idea! I can’t wait to see how you get along with this challenge/project!

  2. daniela Says:

    ok, i am insanely excited in the way you are embracing this. faithy, your photos are exquisite. and on this first day – the day i failed miserably – YOU have inspired ME to pick myself back up tomorrow and try harder. yes, you. yay you! love love xo

  3. cindy Says:

    What a great creative challenge…and two weeks seems so doable. If June wasn’t so busy I’d consider joining ya.
    I’m excited to see each days entry.

    Love your Ivory pics. I think the coffee cup one is my fav. 🙂

  4. Brandy Says:

    Oh, my God, it’s so nice to see a post from you! I’ve been thinking about you a lot the past few days, and here you are!

    I love this boot camp you’re doing and, my God, you’re off to an incredible start. Truly beautiful shots, each and every one. I do hope we’ll be getting to see shots like these every day for the next two weeks!

    Lots of love, honey bunny!

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