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Spring has Sprung April 2, 2010

“Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke


I love spring. The newness of it all. The bareness of winter is replaced with the greenery of new life. This spring had brought about some changes though, here at the Jandt home.

My parents own our home, you see. We rent from them. And this particular spring, they both thought it a good idea to come over for some “spring cleaning” in the yard. Even though I had been working to clear things up in the yard myself, apparently it wasn’t getting done quickly enough, or thoroughly enough, for my mother went over my places again with a fine tooth comb. 😉

Now to watch my parents undertake such a thing is a sight to behold. My father is 77 and my mother 61, and yet they still can run multiple circles around me. It was a 3 day flurry. Rakes raking furiously, carts being piled high with debris, clippers snapping at their latest victim. It was quite the event. In the midst of it all, we discovered there had been a death in the family. Remember this beautiful creature that I always have cherished?

I loved this tropical plant so. It always made me feel like I was living in a California bungalow, offering privacy and a unique exotic feel. It died. How, I have no idea, but the poor thing was completely rotted through. God only knows how long it had been there.

I have always loved how wild my yard looks. Foliage bursting out for all around. Layered texture and variegated  color. And although I am SO incredibly grateful for the hard work my parents did on the place, it looks, well, like their yard now. Manicured. Clean. Simple. Not really me. Does that make me an ungrateful wretch to say that? Oh dear.

Not to mention the house looks positively naked without that big luscious plant out front. Sadness is mine. I am in mourning.

Things are in bloom, however, and that makes me so happy.

The finished walkway.

I am very lucky.

The backyard, however, is still a bit of a wild jungle.

As I mentioned, I have been working on the yard myself, when the weather permits. Please observe the before and afters of my garden beds.



All plumped and fluffed and ready to go! This year I procrastinated too long and did not plant indoor seeds in time, so I shall be purchasing starts of things such as tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini. Sadly, no heirloom tomatoes this year. Next year, I shall be more prepared. I did, however, stop by this sight and purchase heirloom Savoy cabbage, Purple Broccoli, and French Leeks!

I attacked the planter boxes yesterday, adding pretties to their clay interiors. Have I mentioned I love spring?

They contain lovely items such as cosmos and lobelia. I cannot wait for the next few months to see how they fill out.

In other news on the home front…… my delightful husband had been cooking lately! Which is also quite the sight to see. He’s so very serious about it all, and especially about his presentation. All I know is I am welcoming a reprieve from having to cook all the time. Some of his delicious dishes have included Guiness braised London Broil with Garlic Rosemary Potatoes,

as well as an interestingly tasty salad he concocted last night with Soba noodles, chicken, peas, carrots, crispy potato crisps, soy sauce, and lemon zest.

And so there you have all the updates. Spring is here. We have only one more month till our trip to Portugal! We are busy little bees working hard and saving like mad.

Pray tell, what are you up to this spring? Any new things on the horizon?


9 Responses to “Spring has Sprung”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Beautiful post. Love the gardens and plants….and how sad to lose that tropical beauty.
    And, oh-my-freaking-gosh, it looks like Daniel is a gourmet cook! What presentation, and the food itself sounded tasty indeed!

  2. cindy Says:

    The offer still stands…..your parents can come do yard work here anytime they want! 😉

    All your planters are so pretty. I like that about your outside areas….they are little surprises as you walk/look around.

    Enjoy the hubby cooking as long as you can. Who knows if it’ll stick or be a passing hobby. Looks good….tell him we haven’t been invited to dinner in a while…hint, hint.


  3. boundaround Says:

    I NEEEEEED to have that walkway in my yard…are they for hire?

    Mourning things lost is tough but then we make way for new additions…heres to the beautiful plants you have left to plant and enjoy in the years to come!!! So Pollyanna…I admit it~

  4. breeayn Says:

    Having been around for a mom and pop cleaning, I totally understand the whirlwind you experienced. Was your dad high in the trees again?

    Sorry you lost the plant, but I’m sure it left lots of room for something new. That’s the way it is. And don’t worry about the manicure the yard just experienced. It’s going to fill in just fine.

  5. Brandy Says:

    Oh, it’s so sad about your tropical plant! The house looks so naked without it! Maybe, though, you can find some tropical babies and place them through out the new yard, or something?

    Great job on your garden bed! And all the pots! Makes me wish I were getting more done myself. Only some garlic, onions, and kale growing over here right now.

    the image of your parents doing this is amazing to me. That’s so awesome that they’re so active, I want to be like that when I’m older. Hell, I wish I were that active now!

  6. I’m actually thinking about planting another of the same plant in the exact same spot in front of the house! It’ll take FOREVER for it to get that big again though. 😦

    At least you have something actually growing! I have nothing as of yet. And yes, the sight of my parents is amazing. I think it is all their activity that has kept them so young. Although they do complain how tired they are afterward. 🙂 I would hope so, otherwise they would be super human. 🙂

  7. I know, my mom found all that slate around the yard when we first bought the place and then made it into a walkway. She’s quite the little artist! 🙂

    Love love!

  8. Victorea Says:

    I am so sad for your plant loss. 😦 And as a person who has long appreciated and tried to emulate the beautiful controlled chaos of your yard, I mourn the loss of that with you, also.

  9. Ah the controlled chaos. *sighs* How I miss it.

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