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Its here! Its here! February 17, 2010

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Every day I have been out to the mailbox with the greatest anticipation, awaiting the arrival of my Valentine Swapparoo. Yesterday, my impatience was rewarded!! There, cozy as cozy could be, sat a package.

My Valentine from the lovely swaplette, Elizabeth. I promptly ripped it open and then proceeded to smile profusely in glee, for there, tucked in the wrapping, was the sweetest felt heart with goodies bursting out of the top!

YAY! Seeds for my little garden!

And then included was this little delight.

The loveliest book filled to the brim with pictures and artwork, all dedicated to one of my favorite places in the world. I do believe Elizabeth has been reading my blog! 🙂 Oh heavens, what a fabulous little treat this has all been! Thank you, Elizabeth, from the bottom of my ishy squishy heart, for your thoughtful Valentine!! I adore it all so very much. 🙂

Thanks, also, to Amanda at First Milk, for putting together this Valentine Swappity Swap. So much fun!!


3 Responses to “Its here! Its here!”

  1. cindy Says:

    Oh yum…..lovely herb seeds.

    I agree….I think she took the time to read your blog and learn all about you. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m so glad it finally arrived! I am a planter and a Francophile, too, so I was pretty excited to look around your blog and notice we shared so many interests. I’ll likely be asking you for advice on keeping chickens once the weather gets more reasonable and I get moved in to the Box. I have grown a vegetable and herb garden for the past few years, and I’m thinking that homegrown eggs may be my next step. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy the book! It’s one of my favorites for daydreaming on snowy winter days.

  3. Brandy Says:

    I really love this idea, and it’s been lovely seeing what you guys gave to each other! If I’m in a good place by next year, I think I’d like to get in on the action. It’s such a sweet concept to put your heart into something thoughtful and partly home-made.

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