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The Golly Girls Throw a Baby Shower February 9, 2010

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So Miss Rose Golly, or Miss Britt as we also know her by, was convinced by someone that she should throw a baby shower/tea party last Saturday. Being the best sister and best friend that I always try to be, I, May-May Golly, offered some assistance. I think it turned out relatively well.

There were lots of goodies. Which included savory madeleines, cucumber sandwiches, mini cakes, handmade chocolate eclairs, and regular madeleines.

The spread:

The table, awaiting the guests.

The pretty teacups, all lined up in a row, a combined collection from both of our stashes.

All the lovely ladies are here. Tea time!

The lady of the hour and her big ol’ belly:

A simple fact: there is nothing better than a lovely cup of Earl Grey and a plate of tasty pastries.

Best part of the whole day? Getting to hang out with this beautiful gal pal.


3 Responses to “The Golly Girls Throw a Baby Shower”

  1. boundaround Says:

    I want to get pregnant so the Golly Sisters can throw me a tea shower…oh never mind lets just do me on my 50th! 😉

    And may I say you two in that last shot are simply beautiful!

  2. cindy Says:

    Wow…that was quite the event you two did. Not at all what I pictured when Dan told me. Where were you when I was going to baby showers? Nice job.

  3. Jennifer B Says:

    you and Brit sure know how to throw a party! Marvelous job!

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