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As I Hang My Head in Shame November 28, 2009

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“A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying…. that he is wiser today than yesterday.”

– Jonathen Swift


So NaBloPoMo has officially kicked my butt. I completely forgot to post on Wednesday and yesterday I just couldn’t bring myself to do it out of sheer exhaustion. But those shouldn’t be excuses!! I should have persevered!  Dani did! Dani posted even when she didn’t have the internet at her house and had to drive down to the ferry docks to steal their internet connection! Who is Dani? Dani is the dearest soul on the planet, that’s who. And also the lovely friend that slyly roped me into this little project. Okay, so she didn’t do any roping really. All she had to do was mention it and I was jumping on the wagon with her.

This is my dear friend Dani.

Isn’t she just so lovely? I know. I admire her veraciously. Not only is she lovely to look at, but she is terribly creative as well. And inspiring. And an amazing photographer. And talented. And she has the sweetest disposition. And she has been the one who has faithfully blogged every single day this month. Sure wish I could say the same.

Sorry, Dani. I tried to keep plugging along with you. Apparently you are more persistent than I.

P.S. So I just went back and checked this past week and apparently I forgot that I actually DID post on wednesday! Which means I only missed one day being yesterday! I’m not quite the failure I though I was. 😉


4 Responses to “As I Hang My Head in Shame”

  1. cindy Says:

    Not a failure!!!! You’ve done a great job. Missing one day is nothing.
    I’ll have to go read Dani’s blog and see what she’s been psoting.

  2. Jennifer B Says:

    I have loved seeing a post from you every day….I don’t think I would have made it even as far as you did.

  3. daniela Says:

    ha! impeccable timing…..i was ready to jump ship tonight 🙂 but now you gave me that little fire back faithy, thank you. and don’t you dare be hanging that pretty head….you only missed one day. pfffft. balderdash. you make lots of us smile each day sweet pea. you just keep on doing that thing you do. xoxo

  4. sazzy Says:

    oh that dani inspires so many people…but you do too! don’t forget that.

    this is a heck of a challenge and you deserved one day off…

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