Poppycock and Sunshine

The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

Make Me Laugh Monday November 17, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — May-May Golly @ 12:20 am

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

*scrape scrape scrape* That would be me, scraping the bottom of the creative barrel and coming up short this evening. So sorry about that.


2 Responses to “Make Me Laugh Monday”

  1. Jennifer B Says:

    bottom of creative barrel aside, this post is quite funny, and I needed a chuckle before heading off to bed…at midnight….again. Oh dear, I really need to stop doing this to myself. Ha ha.
    Anyhow, thanks for the chuckle. Love yas.

  2. cindy Says:

    My favs are sweet mama hen sitting on the puppy and the BIG dog on the cat thingy.
    Funny pics.

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