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Today was Filled with……. November 13, 2009

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….trying to comfort my slightly depressed dog who walks around sad all the time lately. Apparently she hasn’t had enough “mommy time” to herself.

Picture 1

Making tea…..

Picture 3

Wrapping birthday presents for dear sweet friends…..

Picture 2

Hanging home made wreaths on the front door……

Picture 4

And making zucchini bread!

Picture 5Picture 6

And now I must get ready for a long night at work. *sighs*

How did you spend your friday?


3 Responses to “Today was Filled with…….”

  1. cindy Says:

    Dinking and more dinking.

  2. Jennifer B Says:

    worked around the house, took Liam and David to the library where we got a bunch of books, took a nap, went to the chiropractor, went to work. Came home, put the boys to bed, got my internetting done and then played a new online game with Jon until just now when I looked at the clock and realized it’s 2:30am. My body will probably kill me tomorrow. Eek.
    But wanted to sneak on and check your blog before I went to bed.
    Glad I did, sweet post. Love ya

  3. Jennifer B Says:

    PS I am not *really* doing the post a day thing, mostly because I didn’t jump on the ball quick enough, but I AM trying to post more often. I’ve been in a blogging mood alot lately, which helps.

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