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‘Tis the Season November 12, 2009

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“For it is in giving that we receive.” – St. Francis Assisi


Its that time again. Christmas is just around the corner. Presents to be made or bought. Do you ever have the problem of just not knowing what to get people sometime like I do? At a loss as to what to get the person that has everything? Wanting to get a present  that really means something? I have a brilliant solution!

Through World Vision International you can purchase animals for hungry people around the world, as well as clean water, clothes, education, and life saving mosquito nets. Make the purchase in honor of your special someone as a gift, a gift that really means something. A gift that makes a difference!

For the price of a movie on DVD, you can purchase 2 chickens for a hungry family, giving them a lasting source of not only nutrition but also income.

Picture 1

For the price of 2 tickets to the Symphony you can purchase 5 ducks for someone who could desperately use the protein rich eggs, the down feathers for bedding and warm clothing, and fertilizer for their crops!

Picture 2

Have a little more to spend? For the price of a Nintendo Game, you could donate a goat!

Picture 3

I think it’s a brilliant idea, really and truly. I do think I may be giving a few chickens and perhaps a duck or two as gifts this holiday season. I’m just so grateful that I have friends that would appreciate this version of giving as much as I do!


3 Responses to “‘Tis the Season”

  1. Jennifer B Says:

    Love this post…..especially because our World Vision gift catalog just arrived in the mail, and I pored through it wishing with all my heart I had the money to buy everything, and at the same time wishing I had the money to buy anything.
    I am so glad World Vision has this ministry, it is so incredible.
    A couple Christmas’s ago, I asked to be given gifts from the catalog. Most people around me actually said no, but my parents were on board and bought me the pregnant mothers kit.

  2. daniela Says:

    yes yes. i too love this concept, and their catalog happens to be right on my night stand. what an inspiring organization they are. what a wonderful thing to write about, you have such a big and open heart faith. xoxo

  3. cindy Says:

    Ditto for me. Catalog is right here by my computer so I can ponder which ones to buy this year. The quilter in me wants to get the sewing machine….the homeschooler wants to get school stuff…..the woman in me wants to help those harmed by the evil sex trade….then there’s the animals…..how to choose? 🙂

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