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The Golly Sisters to the Rescue October 9, 2009

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Britt and I own a boat. Well technically she owns the boat and I’m just the god mother to said boat. The boat is in her name. But when things happen to the boat, she calls me.


Sunday morning I get the call. 

Britt: “Bad news. The Pea has broke loose again.”

Me: “Oh shit.”  

Here’s the story. The Pea of the Sea, yes that would be the boat’s name, has broken loose once before this. She has been moored on a buoy on Liberty Bay for the past year or so and frankly has been neglected by us Golly Girls for the same amount of time. Its not that we don’t love her or want to sail her. It’s just that we need a motor and new sails and are quite the pair of procrastinators, truth be told. We believe her breaking loose from her tethers is her way of telling us she’s had it with this arrangement and is demanding we pay attention to her now, whether we want to or not. Well, it always works. Attention gotten. 


Britt had called all the appropriate people that could have possibly helped us. No luck. 


“Okay”, I said, “I’ll get ready and come out and we’ll figure this out together. We always do.”


The problem. We have no motor. Even bigger dilemma, we have no boat with which to get the motor out to the Pea in order to motor her back to safety. Hmmmmmm. Tricky.

I arrive at Britt’s house to find her properly attired in galoshes and her Carhart jacket, ready for boat wrangling. Of course we had to have a cup of tea before we could do anything. Obviously.


So here was the plan. We would go down to Poulsbo Marina and see if we couldn’t hunt down someone with a boat that would possibly take us out to the Pea and tow us back. It was a long shot, but we had to try. I made sure I put on mascara before I went, just in case I had to do some eyelash batting. A girl always has to be prepared for these situations. 


So we arrive and have a look about. Hmmmm. No one really around except the guys manning the office. So we’ll ask them. 


Nope, they don’t know of anyone who has a boat that could take on the task. Oh but hey, that guy over there rents boats. He thought it was for about 30 bucks an hour or so. He was a little off. Bill, for that was the boat renter’s name, informed us that it was actually 70 dollars an hour. *gulp* But we were in luck! He just happens to be a rescue tug boat captain and he would just go along with us and help us get her back to safety. Just give him an hour for the other boat he just rented to get back and away we would go! Brilliant! A solution! Granted, a spendy one, but a solution nontheless. I was feeling hopeful that this might not have to be quite the fiasco I once thought it would be. I was so wrong. 


One of Britt’s friends had gone down and assessed the situation for us and had reported that she was “on the rocks” and in a bad place and most likely would have a handful of holes by the time we reached her. We were alarmed. So we took this hour we had in the meantime to drive down to the crime scene and assess the situation for ourselves. I just had this image in my head. The Pea, on her side, flailing on the rocks, being dashed to itty bitty pieces!!! 


We arrived to find her peacefully just sitting here, calming rocking back and forth, just waiting for us. No dashing on the rocks. No flailing. Perhaps it was not as bad as he had said.


And oh look! There’s grapes here at this residence that no one is going to use! Let’s pilfer them whilst we are here. That’s right. We stole grapes. It was on a property where no one is currently living. That would be our justification anyways. Just a little detour from our mission at hand. 


Then Britt’s friend, Logan called. (He was one of the former appropriate people mentioned earlier to be called.) Yes, he was in town, Yes, his parents motor boat was still in the water. Yes, he could help us. Yay! A solution and a free one at that. Although, I would like to interject here that my gutt was screaming at me to take the 70 dollar option. It was a done deal. An easy out. But we never take the easy out. Oh no.


And so we met Logan, who just happened to be bringing his own sailboat back from Port Townsend. We met him at the Marina and all traveled back to his parents place. 


Meanwhile the clock is ticking. It’s getting later and later. I’m getting a little worried.


Finally, after a bit of dilly dallying about, does the boat have enough gas even, yada yada yada, he rows us out to motor boat. This would be Logan. Rowing.

Picture 1


We arrive at the motor boat, put the gas in her, and are prepared to zoom off into the sunset to the rescue when…….. nothing. It won’t start. Balls. All that and it won’t start. Very anticlimactic. 

And now it’s 5 o’clock. Double balls.


I quickly get on the phone and call our 70 dollar option back. Thank god I caught him. He was leaving, but would turn around and meet us back at the marina. Bless this man. We drive like bats out of hell to meet him. He takes us to our little Pea, so peacefully waiting for her saviors.

He tows us back.

My view on the trip back…..

Picture 2


It certainly was a lovely day to be out on the water, no matter what the circumstances were. Simply lovely. 


We were able to get her safely docked at the Marina and were pleased as punch with the way everything worked out. Thanks to Bill.


And so after this long winded story, what lessons have we learned??

1. The cheap way is not always the best way.

2. Do not neglect The Pea. She doesn’t like it when you do.

3. There’s no problem the Golly Girls can’t work themselves through. 




2 Responses to “The Golly Sisters to the Rescue”

  1. pam Says:

    Ha ha Faith. Can you imagine? “My friend and I have a boat, we have many people of course to help if needs be, but we like to arrange small sails away from the Marina when we can possibly manage it, on grape-fortified activities-quoff quoff”.Loved your adventures with Pea of the Sea. Thank goodness she’s not Huge Yacht of Woodrot!!

  2. cindy Says:

    LOL! Thanks for the giggles.

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