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A Sweet Night Indeed August 24, 2009

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After a lovely wedding, one simply must have a proper party.

Oh my, it just happens to be at a martini bar? Yes please!

Picture 14


Your delightful hosts for the occasion……

Picture 5


There was laughter….

Picture 12


And drinkin’…..

Picture 13


And “hug hugs”…….

Picture 12 16-31-30


Cake cutting….

Picture 16


Cake eating….

Picture 18


Cake wearing…..

Picture 19


And cake kisses.

Picture 20


There will be tender moments…

Picture 9


And crazy irish toast giving moments. 

Picture 21



Have I mentioned there will be drinking and lots of merry making? (I had to post this one big so you could fully appreciate the looks on their faces. )

Picture 14 16-31-30


Best Golly Sister friends were there….

Picture 13 16-31-30


Fabu short asian friends were there.

Picture 10 16-31-30


The gang was all there.

Picture 28


It was the best reception a girl could ask for!!!


5 Responses to “A Sweet Night Indeed”

  1. Jennifer B Says:

    Loved being at your reception, it was such fun! Love you!

  2. Brandy Says:

    It really was an incredibly awesome party! You did soooo so good! I can’t say enough how good it felt to watch how happy you were the whole night. You’re a fabulous woman, Faith, from blonde to toes.

  3. pam Says:

    Wonderful photos Faith! What a great bunch of people! Looks like a fabulous reception.

  4. cindy Says:

    So glad to be introduced to all your friends. Now I have faces to go with the names I read & hear about.
    Also glad for the introduction to the One Ten. 😉


  5. Jennifer B Says:

    I love this post, I really do, but I’m missing getting read something new.

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