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Before & Afters with Fuzzy Fur on the Side June 1, 2009

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So I have been wanting a new sofa. I’ve never owned a new sofa. In my 14 years of living on my own, I’ve only ever owned used furniture and things handed down from grandparents.


Apparently, this year is not going to be the year I get a new sofa. *sigh* Oh well. So instead, I decided the sofa we have needs a facelift. 


I got it into my head that I could recover my couch cushions myself. I mean, I have a sewing machine. How hard could it be?


HARD. Very very HARD.


I laid out the material and laid the cushion on the top of it. And then I proceeded to stare at it. For a looong time. I think my mind was trying to wrap itself around all the ways this could possibly go. Or possibly go wrong. Oh dear. 


More sitting. More staring. How? 


Finally I said screw it. I’m just going to wrap it like a present. Or a baby diaper. It won’t be perfect. But it’ll be better than it is now.


So here we have BEFORE:

Picture 13

A sad and dilapidated specimen indeed.


So after all the sitting and staring and cursing and swearing, we have an AFTER:

Picture 15

I diapered the bottom cushions and then hand sewed the fabric to the cushions. Probably not the best way to go about it, but hey, when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and you have no one that can give you pointers, you do the best you can.

The back cushions I sewed myself on my handy dandy sewing machine, then stuffed it with the stuffing from the old pillows. Making something new out of something old. Hmmmm. Don’t they call that recycling??  Woot woot!

So what’dya think? I think it turned out okay.  


Now I know you’re probably wondering, where’s the fuzzy fur in all of this? Never fear. There’s enough fur to go around.

Picture 9

Awwwww. Isn’t he just the cutest little pile of fuzz?


Picture 8

I had to share.



And here’s another thing I had to share. My lilac tree. Amazingly beautiful.

Picture 12


5 Responses to “Before & Afters with Fuzzy Fur on the Side”

  1. daniela Says:

    gasp!! at the diapering, the lilacs, the side of fur….all of it! well done faithy, oh yes.
    and regarding the hand-me-down furniture pieces, i always ask myself “furniture? or travel.” yep, travel always wins. makes for much better memories 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    you did a great job, I can’t believe you actually tried to slip cover! I’ve considered it a few times, but always been too overwhelmed to give it a whirl. Way to go for it!
    Your kitty is adorable and your lilacs…….I just want to step inside the picture and smell!
    It was good to see you last week. You and Dan should come over this-a-way sometime soon!

  3. pam Says:

    That is some lilac tree! Awesome!…and your sofa looks great. I would like a smoochy cat myself,but just have to share those in blogland instead -your cat is cute, and how stunning is the colour in your last photo?! xx

  4. Yvonne Raven Says:

    Great re-do of the cushions. Hey who needs professionals anyway. Did you ever get the pics I sent of you in your dress?

  5. Tink Says:

    Diapering ey?…me thinks this is wise practice!! 😉

    The facelift process had me howling with laughter picturing you staring, I must say it looks quite professional. You would do Martha proud!
    If you dig up any baby lilacs, I want a start…that color is amazing.

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