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Weekend at the Movies May 23, 2009

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Feeling a bit sluggish at the moment. Was downright sick last night. I had to work a double yesterday and by the end of the second shift I thought I might die. Throat on fire, body aching all over as if I’d been run over by a yellow bus. Came home to Daniel. Daniel took care of me. Although I’m not so sure of his therapy, which consisted of feeding me 2 shots of Nyquil, when the instructions only call for one. Woke up half way through the night and felt paralyzed. Didn’t dwell on it too much, as I then fell back in a comatose state. I’m almost certain there was drool at some point in the night. 



But never mind that. Let’s talk movies, shall we? Daniel and I actually went to a movie on thursday, which is a rare occasion indeed. A treat, if you will. We went and saw……

Picture 2

……which I have to tell you was good. Although I’m sure if I had seen any of the other Terminators beforehand, it would have been even better. 


I also saw this movie, while I had nothing better to do than lie on the sofa and feel sick……

Picture 3

I did not see this on in the theater, unfortunately. Yes, I know it’s only in the theater at the moment. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet when you do a little digging. I know, shame on me. I’m riddled with guilt, I really am. Never mind that now, I have to tell you, I did enjoy it. Although I like this kind of story. I would really like to read the books actually. This may call for a run to the used book store tomorrow.


We recently also saw this movie:

Picture 4

Although extremely violent, this flick was pretty good. Anything with Edward Norton is right by me really. Colin Farrel does an exceptional job at being a creepy bad guy, although you can still hear his irish brogue at times. 


And then I just finished watching this movie, while I sat and drank tea and knitted…

Picture 5

I have to admit, I didn’t get it. It got all 5 stars on Netflix, something a movie rarely does and so I thought it would be brilliant for sure. And I just didn’t get it. I found it slightly boring and not very funny at all actually. Me, the girl who is usually entertained with just about anything. Hmm. I’m perplexed really. Left scratching my head in wonder. There was actually a point where I considered turning it off, but then I had to know how it ended. Just as the rest of it was, I suppose. Dully. Oh well. 



As for the reading material of late, I was reading this book:

Picture 6

but I found it too dark for my mood at the moment.


And so I merrily moved on to this:

Picture 7

So much better. Oh how I wish I had an Auntie Mame. Maybe I should just BE an Auntie Mame for someone else. Yes, that’s what I believe I should do. 


So tell me, what movies and books have you enthralled lately???


4 Responses to “Weekend at the Movies”

  1. This Guy Says:

    I just saw the new Star Trek movie. Not at all what I was expecting or used too! I loved it! You should check it out!

    Saw your green feet, totally reminded me of summers at my parents cutting the grass. I really detest shoes, and had a good laugh when I saw your feet! =P Hope you didn’t have to wear your sandals out the next day! LOL

  2. Brandy Says:

    Star Trek was AMAZING!! I am SO glad I hauled off to the theater to watch that one–twice!. It was worth every last second! I’m now on a nostalgic Trekkie binge because of it.

    Haven’t been watching as many movies so much as television shows. Old and new. So please you had a weekend of movies though! I totally want to see Auntie Mame now.

    And I agree that if we cannot have an Auntie Mame, we should be Auntie Mames of the world. Though I’m not exactly sure what that particular character was like, her ilk has been long loved through out imagination.

    Love to you!

  3. Brandy Says:

    Just watched ‘Terminator’ last night and had to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Huge Marcus fan now, ha ha!

  4. cindy Says:

    Yikes, when Dan said you guys weren’t coming over cuz you didn’t feel well, I was thinking headache. Sounds like a touch of the flu, though…assuming you are better now. 🙂

    We loved Star Trek….but always do. Saw Seven Pounds on the cruise, and while not happy, we liked it….interesting one that you have to watch to the end. I still want to see Slumdog….have you guys seen that?

    Hope to see you soon.

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