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I’ve Had One of Those Days….. May 7, 2009

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You know ….. one of those days. When everything is just poop.


I’ve had a wretched headache the past few days that I cannot seem to shake. 


Apart from having the wretched headache, I was bored to death today. But didn’t feel well enough to do something with which to appease said boredom.


I managed to sit on my bamboo knitting needles this evening, breaking them with my rather rotund bottom. Which now means, not only do I have to return to the Yarn Shop for another pair of size 8 needles, Charlie ate those, but now I have to add another pair of size 7 to the list as well. Gah.


Not only was I bored today, with no energy to do much of anything, but this not doing much of anything meant that I couldn’t go to the gym. Which does nothing for that rotund bottom of mine. The rotund arse that broke the knitting needles, I might remind you. Balls. Now I really feel like I didn’t accomplish anything.


I also thought I might have broke my computer today as well, which gave me quite a fright. Never fear. Obviously you can deduct it was a false alarm. That would have made the day just BRILLIANT.


So what does one do when one has had such a day, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you what I did. I made myself a proper cup of Hot Chocolate. That’s right, I used the last of my daily points for a hot chocolate. Points? Yes, points. I’m on Weight Watchers, you see. Or as I like to lovingly call it for the Little Britain fans amongst us, Fat Fighters. Never seen Little Britain, you say? Tsk. Get right on that. Brilliant program indeed. Anyways, I digress. I’ve been working out religiously for 3 months now and have managed to GAIN 10 pounds. Something’s wrong with this picture. I have started a new medication as well, which I think really did the damage. Something had to be done. Anyways. This hot chocolate I was telling you about…. worth every point!


First you take a chocolate bar…..

Picture 1



Then you add milk…..

Picture 2



Now normally I would add a hot red chili to this as well and let it steep, but having zero chilies in the house, decided it would have to be plain. Plain and tasty.


That’s right. Nothing fixes a day like today like a lovely vintage mug filled with rich chocolatey  goodness. Indeed.

Picture 3


I feel better already.


3 Responses to “I’ve Had One of Those Days…..”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m glad the hot coco helped fix things a little. Strangely enough, yesterday was a sucky day for me too. Yikes. At least it looks like things are turning up. Is there sunshine at your house? Go soak some up! Love you!

  2. cindy Says:

    My poopy day was last wednesday….hormones gone amuck! Hot chocolate would have been better than deciding to cut my hair! Sigh. Now I have to get an appointment to have someone fix it up prettier!

  3. Tink Says:

    I need your recipie for my next “down” day sweet cheeks…this midlife “change” is for the flipping Kleenex stock holders gain!

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