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Design on a Dime March 29, 2009

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“No matter what obstacles fill a room there’s a way to paint, glue or slipcover over them” -Edward Walker



I have been getting many books of late from the library about decorating. About spaces of women who create. One thing I have noticed of art studios of MOST women is chaos. And lots of it. Well now, I’m certainly not lacking enough chaos, that is for sure. But I decided that I wanted to make the chaos a little more pleasing to the eye. 

We have 3 bedrooms in this house. The first, obviously, is our bedroom. It’s painted a delightful shade of green. I think you may have seen the pictures. The second, Daniel’s “Man Room”.  A lovely shade of mustard graces it’s walls. The last room, is my room. My office/ art studio/ guest room. I have already posted once about the painting of this room and I am now happy to report that it is FINALLY complete. Thank the lord and pass the cupcakes. 

And here we have MY version of “Design on a Dime.” (Which a dime is pretty much what I intend on spending for most things in my house. I have become a penny pincher of the highest caliber.)


My inspiration came from this magazine, which I love. 



This particular article inspired me and prompted to me to begin the high and low search for the perfect color paint. 


The color featured here? Sherwin Williams, “Intense Teal”. Far too spendy for my tastes. Lovely all the same.


More inspiration….




The final outcome of this endeavor??

My result of the inspiration….a new room to play and create in….

The Guest Space:


The Paint: “Kingfisher Teal”, from Wal Mart. Cost: $12.99 a gallon

The bedspread: Saint Vincent DePaul. Cost: $4.99

The pillows (excluding the Eiffel Tower one that I got from Vic, of course): Saint Vincent DePaul and Value Village. Cost: $2 – 5 per pillow

The Cat: Oscar the Grouche



The Office Space:


The desk: Hand-me-downed from Colette, which was hand-me-downed to her from someone else. Cost: FREE (Hmmmmmm, notice the open drawer. According to Daniel, he can tell where I have been in the house and what I have been doing by the cabinets and drawers that were left open. Whatever.)

The Pillow: Ginger’s Consignment Store. Cost: $4



The Art Studio section:


The drapes: Originally  from Ikea, purchased second hand from Saint Vincent DePaul. Cost: $3



I am a happy little camper right now. It’s my retreat. My little corner of the world. A room where I can overcome any obstacle that may arise. Get comfortable with that color. I am sure you will be seeing much more of it in future posts. 😉


5 Responses to “Design on a Dime”

  1. cindy Says:

    I love the color! The room looks great, you’ve done a wonderful job with it. Can’t wait to see it up close and personal. 🙂

  2. pam Says:

    Hi Faith! Looks great! I had one wall that colour in a house we had a while back. I loved it too!! It worked in with the colour tones in a painting we had. It was great fun painting the wall, I remember that!

  3. Brandy Says:

    Aww, it looks so good, honey! Excellent, excellent work!

  4. Tink Says:

    Decorating Diva dawlin…stupendous! I wish I could afford to hire you! {{{{{{{Faith}}}}}}}}

  5. Jennifer Says:

    it looks marvelous. (oh my, I used “marvelous in my last comment too….)
    Truly though, it is beautiful and I think I will have to make a little journey to PO to visit and see it in person! Hopefully soon!

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