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Where have you been, young lady??? March 1, 2009

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Yes, I know. I’ve been absent this whole month practically. Why, you ask? Who knows. Lack of inspiration…. perhaps. Lack of motivation …….maybe. I believe it could have been a bit of a funk really. Whatever it was, I’m happy to say it’s over. For the most part. I’m back. With lots of nonsense and drivel and money saving tips and quips….. all for your enjoyment. Or amusement. Or whatever it is reading this blog may bring to you. 


But it’ll have to start tomorrow. I’m currently recovering from a headache that seems to want to hang on and plague me these past few days. But don’t worry. I promise to have something brilliantly witty and informational. Tomorrow. 😉 

Or maybe the next day.


2 Responses to “Where have you been, young lady???”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    welcome back, darling! Missed you and your posts these last few weeks! This picture of you is gorgeous!

    It was so good to see you last night! It had definitely been TOO LONG!

  2. pam Says:

    Beeeeeuuutiful photo!!

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