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Hello,my name is Faith….. January 18, 2009

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I have a new favorite show.

I know, right?

I love love love love it. (Did I mention I loved it?)

Thank you, Mz. Cindy for introducing us.




I love the amazing color and life of this show. And the clothes! Don’t even get me started. 



It makes me want to sit around all day in heels and an apron, sipping coffee in my old diner mugs and eating pie. Frankly, it inspires me. Is that sad to say? That I receive my inspiration from an TV show??? And this coming from someone who doesn’t even have cable!!!! (iTunes is currently making a FORTUNE off me. Whatever you do, don’t tell Daniel.) I suppose not. I mean, it’s a great story. The cinematography is a work of art really. Art comes in many different forms. Many different vehicles. Right? RIGHT?? *sigh* Well anyways. Love it. I think I love it also because it reminds me very much of my absolute favorite movie.


*sighs* Another brilliant use of color. Not to mention I love that it’s set in Paris. And actually, Montmartre, where it was filmed, was where I stayed when I was there last.




Seriously inspired right now.

I think I shall run out tomorrow and buy lots of paint in lots of pretty colors! And then I shall come home and put on my pretty red heels and old vintage apron and paint my walls all those lovely colors, right after I have come delicious coffee in my vintage diner mugs and eat some pie. 

Or maybe not.

Maybe I’ll just get up, sit around in my pretty pink bathrobe, drink coffee out of my vintage diner mugs, and eat oatmeal. Whatever. It’ll be lovely.


And in case your one of those delightful people out there that know and love me, and in case you’re wondering what on earth you are going to get me for my next birthday or christmas or easter or hanukka even though I’m not even remotely jewish by any stretch of the imagination……… I have a HUGE hint for you.

Pushing Daisies on DVD, whichever season you fancy to throw in the cart.


Hint hint. Hint hint.


5 Responses to “Hello,my name is Faith…..”

  1. cindy Says:

    Yeah! Great show! I had 4 episodes from this season that I had not seen yet on my dvr..the one that broke! Now I have to find them online so I can watch. 🙂 Sad news is that they have cancelled the show….so its either over with now or at the end of this season. Stupid Hollywood doesn’t know how to keep decent shows on.
    And the clothes rock!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I LOVE that red dress, it is gorgeous!
    I also love you!

  3. Brandy Says:

    I loveloveloved season one of this show, but the few episodes of the new season that I’d seen were uninteresting. Made me very sad, since I’m a huge fan of Ned and Chuck. I had hoped they would get better, you know, get back into the swing of things, then I heard they were going to be cancelled anyway. Very sad. That doesn’t mean I won’t own and support it on DVD.

  4. pam Says:

    I can imagine that Amelie would be one of your favourite movies.You dear Faith, could wear a dress like that -these days a red dress would make me look like a fat little strawberry, when once swizzle-stick was more descriptive. If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say, and don’t forget the heels! Better still, put it on the “must purchase” list next time you go to Paris!

  5. pam Says:

    …come over to Textilosophy and collect an award I have for you!

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