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What Lazy Days are Good For….. December 18, 2008

Lazy days are good for:

Admiring a friend’s lovely tree…..






I didn’t want to stop looking…. I couldn’t stop looking…..



Lazy days are for:

Stopping by your favorite bakery on the island….




And then your favorite yarn shop……. 



All the pretty pretty colors…… *sighs*…..




Lazy days are for:

Tea parties…..







And Knitting Circles…..



For making funny “I’m really concentrating here” faces….



Lazy days are also good for:

Enjoying the snow that has blessed our eyes……




And getting to know sewing machines that have been sitting in our closet unused for 5 years! Mom bought this for me at a garage sale. Haven’t used it till now.



I would like to thank the sewers in my life, Miss Cindy and Miz’ Nola, that have recently inspired me to take up the needle once more, after 20 years.  I sat down today, opened it up, messed around for a few minutes, and then viola! I was sewing prezzies with it! I was a happy, happy little girl.



Pray tell, how do you like to spend your lazy days????


4 Responses to “What Lazy Days are Good For…..”

  1. cindy Says:

    A cuppa, phone chats, sewing with a friend and reading are my favorites for those lazy days. Looks like you’ve gotten to have some fun ones.

    And ohhhh…..is that your set of tea cups? So dang cute. I want to know what brand they are.

  2. Brandy Says:

    Not to be grouchy buzz-kill… or perhaps more of a lamenting little lark, but… why wasn’t I invited to knit??? (Much WEEPING inserted here–with lots of snot. Oh, yes, snot.)

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I need to have a tea party so I can FINALLY use the tea cups that my dear mother in law gave me for christmas last year. Yes, a year and they haven’t come out of the box. They are so beautiful, I’m waiting for just the right situation to use them. But then, there are only two, so it will have to be a very small and intimate tea party…LOL.

    I love your post. The tree is gorgeous, such a great job was done by the decorator.
    And it looks like you are having fun with your sewing machine. I wish I could sew more. I have so much fabric wasting away in my closet. It’s part laziness, part procrastination and part “I don’t want to cuz it kills my back.”

    I’m glad you are having some nice lazy days.

  4. tink Says:

    sew baby sew! You are so dang cute!

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