Poppycock and Sunshine

The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

December is…… December 14, 2008

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…Midnight walks in the snow.

Drinking hot chocolate with the one you love.

Knitting and sewing handmade gifts feverishly.

Hanging pretty twinkle lights.

Sunday afternoon tea parties.

Crackling fires in the fireplace.

Puppy foot prints in the snow.

Homemade chicken noodle soup.

Living with reindeer.






3 Responses to “December is……”

  1. pam Says:


  2. cindy Says:

    What would we do without our animals? The best entertainment yet! 🙂

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I love your post and I think that picture of Charlie is too cute! What an amazing couple of pup-pups you have! Can’t wait to see you next week!

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