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Martha, Look Out! December 11, 2008

How to have a Thriftily Decorated House this Holiday

– by May-May Golly



First off, you have to tap into that creative  side of the brain. That and it’s always helpful to live next door to another creative person as well. 😉 

Second, this project calls for a trip outside to the nearest fir tree. And then a trip to your nearest holly tree. And then a trip to Dollar Tree. (My new favorite store, FYI.)

Third: Have a comfy and welcoming working atmosphere. Wouldn’t want to squelsh that creative spirit you know. Mine happened to be Miz Nola’s house.


Also currently as “Santa’s Workshop”. 

So grab that fir bough and let the creative juices start to flow!





Santa’s little elf, making her own little magic happen.



The end result? Lovely doors for a fraction of the cost!







That would be mine.

This would be Nola’s.


I think it’s obvious to us all that she has the better experience in the whole “creative” department. 😉 Her bow’s better than mine. Whatever.


The trip for the supplies of this little creative experience also happened to stumble across an early Happy Christmas present for Miz Nola. 


She was overdue for a new one apparently. And I was too excited that I got it on sale for $9, that I had to give it to her early. Also because she was there when I bought it. I’m not the patient sort. Or subtle. Whatever. She loves it.


Of COURSE she loves it. Wouldn’t you??


The vehicle with which some of your lovely gifts are being currently created on. She’s pretty old, 70 years or so, but still going strong.


By the way, puhleeeez don’t look very closely at said gifts. It’s been 20 years since I’ve done any sewing! Nola is bringing me back into the game, however very slowly. (That would be her baby shown above. Mine hasn’t even been out of the box. I don’t even think I know how to turn it on. Oh dear.)


Other thrifty decorating details: 

Lights. Love the lights. From the Dollar store.



New dining room table attire…… also from the Dollar store. Where else.




In other news: Another reason May-May loves this time of year……


It’s almost the end of the year. The beginning of a new year. Why does this get my giddy with excitement?  This is my reason:


“What are those black books you are holding”, you may be asking yourself. Or perhaps you are one of those people and you know exactly what I am holding. (You know who you are.) Well. They are my beloved Moleskine Planners. One would be a large one that I have had and have contained my life these past 2 years. The smaller would be my NEW 2009 planner that I get to graduate to! Yay!! 

I love Moleskine. I live by Moleskine. My Moleskine has saved my sanity numerous amounts of time. Not to mention I love the history the little books have with artists and writing fanatics worldwide, crossing every continent and every decade. But enough about that. Let me now share with you excerpts from my Moleskine while I was stressfully employed with Starbucks. And then my Moleskine afterwards. I think you will see a difference.


With Starbucks, this was my life on a weekly basis:


Life then was a chaotic tangle of deadlines and never-ending lists and people to call and reviews to write and things to remember to do and hoops that I had to jump through every week that just seemed to get higher with every breath I took. Exhausting.


And life now:


Life now is a sweet little tapestry of things that make me happy. Cooking and baking and candlestick making. Oh there are still the lists. There will always be the lists. I am a terribly forgetful person. I live by lists. But they are filled with things that enrich my life instead of clutter and confuse it.

And so I rejoice. For the beginning of a new year means the beginning of a brand new Moleskine. A SMALLER Moleskine for a new simplified life. Oh joy, oh rapture.



To join the Moleskine clan and fall in love with a little black book, make a visit to your local Barnes & Nobles. Or visit THIS website. But be careful. They can be addicting.