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Portrait of a Dog – Part 2 December 5, 2008

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Once apon a time, a little dog went for a walk with his playmate, a lovely Golden Retriever. They walked and they walked and finally they came apon a little coffee shop. He thought to himself, “this looks like a good place to stop.” A lovely young lady named Aly, who worked at the coffee shop, came outside thought that they had to be lost. So she took them both home and posted signs, in avid hopes of finding their owners. In the meantime, this little dog, a scrapper that he was, enjoyed his visit with Aly and her family. He played and he played and he even got to sleep with Aly in her bed. This was the life! 

One day the owners, who had seen the signs she had posted, called Aly. However, much to her surprise, they said they only wanted the Golden Retriever back and did she think she could find a home for the scrappy one. They didn’t have the time for him anymore. REEEALLY? Who does that, she thought to herself in disbelief. She decided that this sweet little dog was better off and promptly consulted her older sister, Brittany (AKA Rose Golly), for any ideas of who might be able to adopt this lovely creature. Britt thought and thought. Ah ha! She knew just who to call. Her friend Faith (AKA May-May Golly) had just been talking about possibly getting another dog for a playmate for Lucy. She quickly dialed the number. 

Faith picked up the phone and listened to the story. Well, she thought, it’s worth a look anyways. When she got to the house, this scrappy, scruffy white little dog greeted her. He had soulful brown eyes and matte-black nose, but other than that he wasn’t much to look at, she thought. She introduced him to Lucy, instantly they were friends. “That’s something.” Well, she thought, it’s worth a try anyways. She took the little dog home. Days passed. Weeks passed. Months passed. This little dog, whose original family did not want him anymore, became a solid and welcomed part of their family. They didn’t know what they would do without him. 


And that’s the story of how Charlie came to us. Our sweet little boy.


NAME: Charlie Barker

NICKNAMES: Charles, CharChar, Rat Bastard, Pup-Pup.

BREED: Pure Bred Parsons Russell Terrier (Like a Jack Russell but with longer legs)

OFFICIAL PROFESSION: Squirrel Patrol, Raccoon Management, Snuggle Bug

AGE: 2 years old


Charlie is very smart. He learned very quickly what “out of the kitchen!” meant. He also learned from his new pal, Lucy, how to push the boundries, by keeping just the paws “in the kitchen”. Stinkers, both of them. 



Things Charlie loves:




Playing with his friend, Lucy Lui.



Lucy has always been a rather rough player. She overwhelms a good number of her “friends”. Lucy met her match when she met Charlie. Although he is about 60 pounds lighter than her, he’s all muscle. A stocky little bastard, he is. So he can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, which a vital requirement for being friends with Lucy.  And of course he has that LARGE personality.



Charlie also loves: DANIEL. He worships Daniel. Adores the ground Daniel walks on. Daniel is his BFF. His master. His playfellow. (Whatever. I’m not jealous.)






Charlie loves: Naps with Lucy….



And naps with Daniel…



and: naps with Mommy…..


…..he’s a snuggler, folks.


He and Lucy play and play and play until they can play no longer…..



Another person Charlie loves: Liam Michael Butcher.


Liam is his human that is his size! He likes that. 


Kodak moment with Mr. Barker and Mr. Butcher…..



Before Charlie came to our family, dogs were not allowed on the bed. He promptly decided that was the stupidest rule he’d ever heard of. Lucy had to agree.


I blame Daniel. He says Charlie’s too cute to kick off the bed and Lucy keeps his feet warm. God, I sometimes wonder what it’s going to be like when we have kids, the human kind, that is!! I’m guessing he’ll let them on the bed. We’re going to have to get a bigger bed, I think. 


So my theory as to why “those people”, as we call them, didn’t want Charlie is because he also is rather an escape artist and like to go off on walk abouts in the neighborhood. I have a feeling his walk to the coffee shop that day was not the first time. The first month or so he was with us, he ran away a few times. He doesn’t anymore. His life is too happy and full to have time or even a thought of running away. Miz Nola, my sweet BNF (best neighbor friend, as she calls us) told me a story recently about a time she was frantically calling her kitten’s name, thinking he was lost. She said she must have sounded distressed, for Charlie jumped the fence and ran next door to check on her. Seeing that she was fine and all was well, he promptly jumped back over the fence back into his yard. What does that tell me?? He really does love us. I think he is the happiest with us he has ever been in his entire puppy life. He never imagined life could be so good.


We love you too, Charlie Barker.




3 Responses to “Portrait of a Dog – Part 2”

  1. cindy Says:

    You have such a great way with storytelling and picture taking. Great part two post…both the “grand dogs” have had their moments of fame now….all is fair. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Liam loves you too, mr barker.

  3. pam Says:

    Beeuuutiful! He’s a lucky little dog. He really couldn’t be in a better place. I love your photos Faith!

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