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Portrait of a Dog November 20, 2008

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“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ~Woodrow Wilson




Name: Lucy Lui Vosburgh (Soon to be Jandt)

Nicknames: Lulu, RooRoo, DooDoo, Luce, Water Buffalo

Age: 4-ish

Breed: Half Lab, Half Pit-Bull

The Upside of being Half Lab, Half Pit-Bull: Loving personality and loyalty of a Lab, wicked smartness and intelligence of a Pit-Bull. 

Downsides of being Half Lab, Half Pit-Bull: Itchy skin and food allergies, sensitive stomach and gassiness. 


Lucy loves: Mornings with Mommy…..




Lucy loves water…..



Summer afternoons in her pretty pink pool….


Being black is tough stuff in the hot sun……





Lucy loves to snuggle on the sofa with her favorite human…..



Lucy’s BFF: Miss Georgia Peach



Favorite winter event: Frolicking with Miss Georgia Peach in the snow.



Person she fears, adores, and listens to most: Daniel




What Lucy is most known for: Loyalty

What she is NOT known for: Modesty



Really, Lucy, a lady should be more dignified!



Other things on the list of “Things Lucy Loves”:




going for rides in the bus….



tug of war……



little people…..

picture-85    kids……….picture-94




wait, did I mention kids??





Be careful, for although Lucy appears to be a big water buffalo in stature and demeanor, she has very sensitive feelings that are hurt easily!



However remedied quickly at the mention of a “walk”.



She is my sweet friend, my constant companion, my oversized lap warmer. My sweet tail thumping, farting, burping, whining, high maintenance, ever loving pup-pup. She would never harm a fly, however would protect me to her death if the need arose. Perhaps you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting her or being included in her pack. If so, lucky you. 😉




3 Responses to “Portrait of a Dog”

  1. cindy Says:

    Yeah, I get to be a “lucky” one…having met the now famous Lucy Lui. 🙂
    Gosh, you take such nice pics. My obsessive Lucy pic (the one where she is staring at Finn up on the cupboard) is so boring compared to these. 😦

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Hi there – what a wonderful post. My own black lab girl Cleo is all of those things to us – perhaps a little more vacant-eyed and even more immodest, if possible. She and Lucy would be good friends.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I love that puppy! And I love the absent one too. Will he get his own post someday?
    Can’t wait to see all you wonderful people, and the pups, in a few more days!

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