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Summer is But a Memory October 24, 2008

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Remember that trip I took with the family back in August, before the wedding we catered? Looking back on my pictures, I suddenly realized I didn’t post any of the trip for your enjoyment! Silly ol’ me. Now is it TOO late to post pictures you took back in August? *pausing to count months on fingers* Well balls. Who cares? Here they are…. the moments in time with Daniel and his family at Lake Cavanaugh. I know a few of you lovely folks out there will like these. *wink* You know who you are.


First day we were there was dark and gloomy, but Bonnie still decided that she should teach Lucy how to swim. And Lucy decided that she should teach Liam.


Just throw it already, PaPa!!


While Liam and the pup pups amuse themselves outside, Faithy snuggles up with the new little man on the block.


“Oh god, these kisses. Not sure how much more of THIS I can handle. Who IS this woman, anyways?? Oh, I think I just messed my nappy again.”


That guy I love.


That guy I love with that little guy he loves.


Whether he likes it or not, My family has now become Dennis’ family!


Cindy at her finest *chuckle and a snort*…..priceless!




We sit pretty for a price! Hand over the biscuits.



“I am here to invade your planet. Give me all your money. And your cookies.”


The new cover model for Dogs Gone Wild.


“Oh m’gosh. That smell is SO not me, I swear.”


“Will it EVER stop raining, do you think??”


One big happy family! And yet another fabulous year at Lake Cavanaugh! Thanks guys!


2 Responses to “Summer is But a Memory”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Such good pics! What the heck was I making that face for? Probably talking to Dan! Ha, ha, ha!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    thanks for sharing! I love the pictures!!!!!

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