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The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

Long Time No Blog October 22, 2008

Where the hell have I been?? I know. I haven’t been a very faithful blogger lately. I’ve been feeling, well, Blech. You know that feeling? That blech feeling? You don’t know quite what’s wrong with you, but you just don’t feel motivated to do much of anything. Hmmmmm…. maybe it’s just laziness. That could be. Well anyways. I’m back. Never fear. Now as to what I was up to those many weeks, well I have been doing something useful on occasion. 


Remember that really big zucchini I grew?

I was able to make 5 loaves of zucchini bread…..

and 1 batch of Minestroni soup. Wow. 


I’ve been sitting down each week with a HUGE cookbook….seen here with a delicious blueberry white chocolate scone, thank you very much Cindy!


I choose 3 meals to make each week, and then go grocery shopping. It helps me not overspend or purchase things that will just go to waste! So far it’s working out. I got the idea from you, Jen. Thanks for that!! The recipes we like get their page number jotted down in the front. 


So far we’ve had, to mention just a few, Pasta with Tuna, Capers, and Parsley….


and MY version….

It was interesting…. and delicious. Want the recipe? HERE ya go.


And then there was Chinese Beef with Snap Peas….

also tasty and delicious!! Recipe? HERE.


Besides cooking and baking, there have been slow, quiet evenings in front of the fire.


And lazy naps on the sofa…..


We actually have “puppy piles” quite a bit here actually. Bottom picture case in point.


So now you know… I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Never fear. I’m still here. Talk to me. Stay posted!!


3 Responses to “Long Time No Blog”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    nice “come back” blog.
    Also nice to have a fellow friend take on menu making. I love inspiring people! Doesn’t happen to me very often…Usually I am the one getting inspired.
    The chinese beef with snap peas looks delicious. I might have to make that one one of these days.

  2. Brandy Says:

    I know that feeling very well, my love. In fact, I haven’t been doing much blogging lately either, if thou hast noticed. I’m starting to feel like my life is finally starting to move a bit toward progress again, however. I’m starting to get those thoughts again, such as: “Maybe I should paint the kitchen today” or “I should put up a picture”. So the weird cosmic funk everyone’s been under is starting to wear off and we’re poking our heads back out. Here’s to returning!

  3. cindy Says:

    Woo hoo. Funk’s over! I get to “peek” some more. Missed it. 🙂
    Food looks nummy…but when have you ever cooked something that wasn’t?
    Looks like Charlie has a new coat? You guys and the dogs…cracks me up.

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