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The Real Truth October 2, 2008


“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.” -George Bernard Shaw



It occurred to me the other day that often times I only blog about my successes and seemingly good ideas in life…. and not my failures and not-so-good ideas. Now that’s just silly. That would lead you to believe that I live this sweet little life where everything is sunshine and cupcakes and singing birdies and beautiful gardens and roses and cooking and baking and candlestick making. If I have led you to believe any of those things, I apologize, for that is not the case. No, in fact there are many things that I have blogged about that were NOT successes at all. In fact are now the cause of frustration and more frustration. Not to mention, my house is usually a mess, there always seems to be an indisputable amount of laundry, and currently my refrigerator smells like something crawled in it and died. I suppose I have just always been one who does not like to DWELL on the bad parts, choosing instead to see the good. Well poo poo on that idea. So I shall now share with you some successes, yes, but also some of the nose dives.


First off I would like to comment on my excitment to see autumn is here at last. I do believe it’s one of my favorites. Leaves changing, temperature dropping, excuses to build a fire in the fireplace, reasons to wear a sweater, whatnot. Yes, it’s peeking it’s little head around the corner.

The leaves on the tree outside my dining room have begun to exhibit color. Yay. 


Success: One of my tomato plants has actually had a few tomatoes ripen!! Nose Dive: I had 3 rather large plants. I guess 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.




Nose Dive:


Success: My scarlet runner beans produced!! Not as well as I’d hoped, but at least I was able to harvest enough for planting seeds next year.


Nose Dive: The rest of my garden beds were NOT as I had planned. Unfortunately the colorful visions of the imagination are NOT always the reality of inexperience. 


Ah ha! But I am not deterred! Oh no, there will be another attempt next year, damn it all. I will be armed this time with lots of valuable information and useful knowledge from this book:


Remember the Kombucha I blogged about a few weeks ago?? Nose dive.

I haven’t separated the mushrooms in a while (they grow new babies on top of one another). The more mushrooms, also called scobies, you have the quicker the brew time. This tea was done in probably 5 days, I let it go 8. Needless to say, it was yucky. Ah ha! But I am not deterred! Oh no, not I. Today I have separated said scobies, packed a few to ship to my dear friend Victorea, and am readying the jar to re-brew. I am going through Kombucha withdrawals, damn it all. Anyways. 


I have also learned many things from the plants that I have killed this summer. (Poor Little Creatures.) I had all these hopes and aspirations of having these lovely colorful pots to greet friends when they approached my front porch. They died, all of them. I would promptly run out and purchase equally colorful and lovely ones to replace them. They died as well, all of them. Thus, I realized finally that my front porch gets too hot. And I’m too scatterbrained to water enough. My solution? Buy plants that can handle the heat and don’t need much water. Brilliant. The result? 



And then there’s the chickens. Daniel built the chicken coop and I tried to make it all cozy inside, in the hopes of encouraging them to lay lots of pretty little eggs. This is what I gave them….

Granted, not so pretty, I know. But I thought it would be cozy enough for them. 

Here is where they insist on laying……

Outside, underneath the ramp of the chicken coup. Gah. *chuckles* Of course, stubborn git that I am, I shall have to try other solutions to coax them to lay inside. More on that later. 

*sighs* It’s raining now, and I’ve just made myself a pot of tea. So I shall sit here now, in my blue house-robe, and read a bit….. trying NOT to think about the things I should be doing instead.(Like cleaning out the fridge.)  Glorious. 




4 Responses to “The Real Truth”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Pox on the “shoulds”! You go sit and read and relax and not be guilty!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    If you want to talk “shoulds”…..I SHOULD be going to bed, seen as it is almost one o-clock in the morning. LOL. I SHOULD be cleaning my little home instead of blogging.
    Sometimes “shoulds” are “have toos”, but sometimes they are just “shoulds” and will be gotten to when they finally become “have toos”.
    Enjoy the freedom from the have toos while you can. 😉
    Love ya and cant wait to see you guys!

  3. pam Says:

    Hi Faith! I should be packing. It can wait. My little hens used to be free range so when I was gardening I’d often come across a huge pile of old eggs under and around the most interesting of hidey-holes. And I just thought they weren’t laying! They’d never lay the eggs in their hen coop! Enjoy your reading!

  4. Tink Says:

    Failures…well shall we talk about the girl who can not figure out how to make her cell text numbers? LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL 🙂

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