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Hello, my name is Faith…. August 31, 2008

Filed under: Rants and Raves — May-May Golly @ 8:04 pm

……and I am a Bones-aholic. Yes, I am self diagnosed. I just can’t get enough. You see, we here at Chateau le Foi’ do not have cable, which limits our choices on what we watch on the ol’ boob tube. We do, however, have the internet (which I’m sure has been obvious to some) and through this lovely thing called the internet stems the root of all evil, the colossal time sucker. Of what am I speaking? HULU. The site where you can go to watch full episodes of all your favorite shows and even an occasionally good movie. I am ADDICTED to this site. I am ADDICTED to a particular show on this site. That being the show titled “Bones”. Hence the meaning behind the name of my illness. I am sick. I need therapy. I just can’t seem to put the computer down. I have successfully gone through all of Season 1 and am now searching high and low for a site that I can continue my addiction with Season 2 and 3. I may just have to purchase it on Half.com, in order to get my next fix. Dear lord, someone save me from myself.




2 Responses to “Hello, my name is Faith….”

  1. Brandy Says:

    No, I will NOT save you from yourself, the show is FANTASTIC!! I have been a Bones-a-holic for a couple of years now and finally got to see the second and third season last month. Prepare thyself for heartbreak in the final show of season three, but the rest of it is WONDERFUL!! A must-buy and a must-watch. I, too, was glued to the computer day-in and day-out. Welcome to the world of Booth-oglers and Bones-lovers, my dearest! We love it here!

  2. Brandy Says:

    You can absoLUTELY use the cover crop method in your raised beds and is highly recommended you do. Even if you don’t till the plant matter under and let it compost, all of the other benefits (such as all-important nitrogen added to your soil with legumes, weed prevention, and so on) persist. It protects the soil you’ve worked very hard to put in there, especially when wintering over the beds. When spring starts rolling around, either clear it all out and compost it in a bin or till it under. If you do the latter, wait four weeks to let it start composting or your poor little seedlings will be fighting for nutrients with the energy-draining proccess of breaking down the old plants. Over all it’s the best and most organic method of treating your unused soil and benefits you by not making you work so hard keep the plants happy.

    Sound like a plan?

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