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Attention Cat Lovers July 23, 2008

Filed under: interesting bits and pieces — May-May Golly @ 9:59 am

So Colette sent me this YouTube video yesterday and I had to share! It made me a tad on the squishy side, I have to admit. That damn music didn’t help either. Enjoy, it’s pretty amazing.





2 Responses to “Attention Cat Lovers”

  1. Thank you form sharing this marvelous video. I was pointed to your post by someone who was herself pointed to the video by someone else. As a human who is owned by a cat, I felt the real power of friendship and love as I watched it.

    Again, thank you for finding and sharing it.

  2. Brandy Says:

    I was SOBBING! Sobbing, I tell you! It was made worse by the fact that I accidentally played it twice. I also shared it with two other people, who also promptly sobbed. You have done well, my love.

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