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Randomness July 22, 2008

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“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.” ~Henry David Thoreau


Well goodness gracious. I haven’t been blogging lately, have I? I’ve been a wee bit busy. We had to go visit the vet 2 weeks in a row. I know! Those are NOT cheap visits either, by the way. But I am happy to report that Lucy and Oscar are doing much better, thank you. This just happened to be the month mommy’s home remedies didn’t work. Sadness. Well anyways. Here’s just some of the random whatnot that’s been going on around these parts.


This would the chicken formerly known as Eva Gardner. Now known by his fans everywhere as Rudy the Rooster…… or Rudy Every Gardner. We snuggle every morning, much to the chagrin of his “girls”. 


Miss Greta is getting rather big, but still no eggs. Hurry up already.


The kids with “Auntie Nola”. Whatcha’ got in there, eh??


Of course we’ll sit pretty for ham!


We went for walks.


Sunday I went down to Olympia to visit dear sweet Colette. It was a glorious day. A day filled with sunshine, laughter, and beer. What more could you ask for?


Yesterday Danny and I went to his folks place, for his sister Jenny and the babies were there. Let me introduce you to David Nathaniel Butcher, Daniel’s new nephew. 

Him real cute, isn’t he? Holding babies is good therapy for the soul. 


Sweet baby. Sweet, sweet baby. 


Quick! Grab the camera! Daniel is holding a baby. Not exactly his most comfortable thing in the world to do.

I think it eventually got easier. 😉


He likes ’em better this size. Apparently helmets are required for playing with Uncle Daniel. 


Uncle Daniel helping Mr. Liam put his wellies on to go outside. 


Red boxing helmet, check. Green wellies, check check. Big black dog, check check check. 


Hello? Which part of “can we please go outside and play” did you not understand?? 


Proud Nanna.


David is here modeling this new baby bolero, knitted by yours truly. 


Snack time. Snack time and SpongeBob SquarePants. They are quite the pair.


Cheeks you just want to pinch and kiss all day long.


And even more randomness……….

The Crocosmia are in bloom, which pleases me greatly.


No clue what these are, but they’re pretty, are they not?

So anywho, enough about me. What have YOU been up to lately???


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