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Naked, Naked June 10, 2008

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“The only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about a week.”

– John Edgmon (My Dad)


“Mom, the groomer lady took all my hair. I’m naked, Mom, I’m naked.”  Well, how was I supposed to know they’d shave it all off? I’ve never had to take a dog to the groomer’s before. Well, shit fire and spit vinegar, I could have done that myself! Save myself the 35 bucks. Although he does smell quite lovely. Still, I’m going to have to do some research and be a self-taught groomer. I’m sure of it.


Pics of the day: Charlie and Lucy and their version of the WWF


He may be small, folks, but he’s a scrapper.

Charlie seems to have the upper hand in this match off!

Yes, indeed, folks, I do believe Lucy has met her match with this contender, despite the fact that he is not even in her same weight category!

Oh my goodness, how fierce!

Or maybe not. Apparently the dual took it all out of him. 

Looks like his opponent has similar sentiments. Must get rest before round 387 begins once more. 




One Response to “Naked, Naked”

  1. pam Says:

    Love the progress of Charlie in the family. My shelter animal adoption fell through due to a series of events, so I shall look forward to catching up with your delightful crew instead! The cat next door has taken to adopting me, so all is well that ends well, particularly for your Charlie!

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