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A New Addition to the Famdamily June 5, 2008

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This is Charlie Barker. He’s come to live with us and be a part of our clan. Britt’s sister found him wandering the streets one day and took him in, determined to find a loving home for him. Since we are a family who apparently does well with orphans, we decided to see if we should give it a go. Lucy was an orphan. Oscar was an orphan. Gus was purchased at the pet store, but still occasionally acts like an orphan who never gets any love. Anyways, Lucy and he hit it off and immediately were the best of buddies. He’s a small dog, but don’t be fooled. He’s a scrapper, he is. He can handle her rough and tough playing, which is a relief, occasionally gnawing on a bag leg or an ear when he can reach it. What I know so far of Charlie: He likes to go for rides in the car, but he likes to sit in the driver’s seat. (Good thing he’s small.) He likes biscuits and sits pretty when asked. Whereas Lucy is deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner, Charlie attacks it and bites it as it vrooms along. I dare say he has even lifted it clear off the ground a time or two. Like I said, a scrapper. He’s the calmest and most docile Jack Russell I have ever known. The only time you hear a peep out of him is when he’s playing with Lucy. And lastly, what I know about Charlie, he’s already quite attached to me. *whispers* Which I think slightly annoys Daniel, since the animals usually love him the most. *chuckle* The cats aren’t really sure WHAT to think of him. They sit there, looking at him, with these puzzled looks on their faces. “I mean, what is he, exactly? He’s not a cat. But is he a dog? No, he can’t be. He’s too small. Hmmmm.” I am pleased to report there was no hissing involved and noses touched occasionally. A good sign indeed. We shall see how he likes living here. Hopefully he will decide to stay. 


2 Responses to “A New Addition to the Famdamily”

  1. pam Says:

    Well in this parallel universe over here, I pick up my little orphan tomorrow, a ten year old dear timid cat I’ve seen today at the pound, hoping to give her a gentle and easy retirement. Everything is ready for this little blue Birman, and like you and Charlie, I can only hope she will like living here with us, I mean, the alternative is not good is it! She ‘s getting older by the minute, is an indoor girl, and loves afternoon naps. A match made in heaven I would have thought.Wish me luck!

  2. Sophia Says:

    Wow Charlie resembles my dog so much! I adopted mine from a rescue who took in her mother when she was pregnant with her. The mother was a schnauzer, and now I am almost certain the dad was a jack russell!

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