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Please Let Me Introduce You….. June 1, 2008

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I would now like to introduce you to my beloved friend, Victorea, who was up for a visit this past weekend. 

This is Vic and I in Paris.

In front of the Eiffel Tower….

Entertaining ourselves in our Parisian flat one night…

No there was no drugs involved. Only a little french wine and 2 kooky friends.

Vic and I enjoying lunch courtesy of Colette. 

Vic and I at my 30th birthday party…

I can’t remember what we were celebrating this particular night. Probably life.

The bestest of friends.

Lucy is quite a fan as well.

Me and Vic this weekend, shopping for yarn and having lunch.


And now that you have a pretty good idea of who it is when I speak of Vic, you might be wondering what we did this past week. Drink, perhaps? No, actually. There was no drinking involved. Alch, that’s a lie. There was a schoshe of wine involved. There’s always wine. But mostly there was talking……….

…..and she taught me how to crochet……


and there was knitting projects for her to help me finish (keeping in line with the whole “finish projects” resolution.) ………..

…….a shrug that I started, ahem, a year ago. Which my lovely boyfriend now tells me is “totally out of style now”. Thanks for the support, Babe! Whatever. I’m determined to finish it and wear it proudly. Even if it is just to go outside to let the chickens out. 

This would be my “I’m concentrating really hard” face.

And of course, mid-task, you simply HAVE to stop and try the damn thing on!

Is it complete then, you ask? Well, not quite. Today is my day off and I fully intend on finishing it, along with the stack of dishes I have to wash. 😉 Ta-ta for now!




One Response to “Please Let Me Introduce You…..”

  1. Brandy Says:

    Aww, Vic looks like an awesome gal, Faithy! I’m glad you had so much fun, it’s so important to have those little getaways. And you look so good!! Who’s jealous now? I am, that’s right. The shrug is adorable, don’t let Daniel tell you different.

    As for coming by, please do! The house is so far from finished, but I’m always happy to have a visitor. It kind of hard to be alone in the house when you finally don’t want to be, so don’t ever hesitate to call! I’ll be sending an email soon to everyone with my new address and phone number, so keep an eye out. Love!

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