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A Welcomed New Week May 26, 2008

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This was my week last week. I hobbled around like a cripple and broke out into tears at the slightest provocation. I had no will or energy to do much of anything, let alone blog. But, I now report with much relief, that I am feeling much better. The back is healing and stretching and feeling like normal once more. 


And so I welcome a new week! My lovely gal pal, Vic, is coming for her yearly visit and there is much to do in preparation. I have refused to allow her to sleep on the sofa, but instead insist that she have a proper guest bedroom to sleep in. Which means there is painting to be done and a bed to make and pictures to hang and flowers to cut and goodies to hide under pillows and knitting projects to bring out. But there also is a lawn to mow, which brings me to grave deliberation. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, the day that Danny plans to mow it. Do I take the initiative and mow it today when it is sunny and risk the ol’ back? Hmmmm. What would Daniel say? He shan’t be happy with me if I attempt to mow, I fear. I suppose it won’t hurt it to grow a few more inches. 😉


One Response to “A Welcomed New Week”

  1. Brandy Says:

    NO mowing! I’m in accord with Daniel on this, after all that last week you shouldn’t even consider it! Lawns need to be shaggy now and again, you know, it’s healthy for them. 😉

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