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The Hunchback of Notre’ Dame May 18, 2008

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Miss the movie, did you? If you had stopped by today, I could have given you the modern day version, minus the special effects and scantily clad damsel in distress, of course. I was the Hunchback of Port Orchard today. I do this every so often and each time pisses me off as much as the last. Here I had the perfect weather, and I do mean PERFECT. Warm, but not oober hot. Sunny with partial clouds. Perfect gardening weather. I gave it a valiant effort, mind you. But the spasm I was feeling in my lower back just would not subside long enough to allow me to do any good. Damn. There was dirt to shovel and weeds to pluck and plants to plant and seeds to sow. I was not able to do any of it. Well, not completely true. I did pluck a few weeds here and there. But I knew that if I shoveled dirt, I would have the wrath of Daniel to deal with later. Apparently he doesn’t like me to do anything that might injure myself or whatever. The whole bit about how he loves and cares for me. I’m still getting used to being with a man like that. Anywho, I digress.


At least the girls were able to get out in the garden and do a little foraging. I have to tell you another cute chicken story. I know, I know. You can leave now if you want. But then you’ll miss some really cute pics. I have been unsure so far how Lucy, my Lab/Pitt mix, would react to the girls. Would she want to paw them playfully like she does other dogs? Or perhaps just eat them for dinner? The question really remained unsettled for a while and was an iffy subject. Whenever she came in contact with them in their playpen, she would drool a great amount and shake like the dickens. Sounds rather suspicious, right? Well, needless to say, I have allowed her more and more contact with them in small doses at a time and I am now happy to report that she does NOT, in fact, want to have them for supper. And although she gets REALLY excited to see them or hear them or smell them or think about them, she has not tried to hurt them at all. This past week has seen such great weather, which has afforded them more outside privileges than in the past. Sweet Lucy has been keeping silent and not so silent vigil beside their playpen the entire time. When she leaves, I dare say they start their frantic chirping that is usually reserved for when one of their sisters is missing. She returns and they are quiet once more. I put them in the garden today and where do they gather to forage but right by the fence where Lucy is on the other side. Hmmmmm. I sense a little friendship developing. Don’t believe me? A skeptic, eh? Please see pictures below.

Putting the girls to bed for the night.


 Saying hello the best way she knows how.


Yup, there it is. Lucy’s “happy face”. 


“A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied.” – Irish Proverb


2 Responses to “The Hunchback of Notre’ Dame”

  1. Brandy Says:

    Ah! Too cute! Aw, that’s sooo awesome, that they’re getting along so well! That’s not always the case, your blessings are plentiful! Hee!

  2. Pam Says:

    First time visit here. I really like your blog and Lucy’s happy face! …and aren’t hens just the best! Rhode Island reds are my favourite, but sadly I don’t live in the country anymore. I enjoyed scrolling back through your earlier posts.

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